Australia Telescope Compact Array

Summary of Projects for the
December, 1995 Observing Term

C015   Manchester R N         SNR 1987A
C186   Duncan R A *           Continuum and Spectral Observations of  Eta Carinae
C224   Ehle M *               The Interstellar Medium of M83
C265   Barnes D * PhD         HI Dwarfs in the Nearby Universe
C373   Staveley-Smith L *     A Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud
C376   Whiteoak J B Z         High Resolution Imaging of Car I.
C388   Prandoni I *           A deep 20cm radio mosaic of the ESO key-project Galaxy Redshift Survey
C390   Jörgsäter S *          HI Observations of Bright Barred Spiral Galaxies
C413   Wolstencroft R D *     The IRAS Faint Source Database: an abundant source of AGN's
C417   Phillips C * PhD       Spot distribution of OH Masers
C433   Forbes D *             A Sequence of Merging Galaxies
C437   Bock D * PhD           Radio Filaments in the Vela SNR
C453   Kolotovkina S * PhD    HI observations of NGC 2997
C459   Ryder S *              The asymmetric spiral galaxy NGC 7421
C460   Slee O B *             A search for suitable clusters for gravitational imaging and S-Z effect
C462   Spencer R *            A radio survey of southern X-ray binary stars
C463   Smith R *              A neutral hydrogen survey of two nearby southern galaxy clusters
C466   Sadler E *             Active nuclei in spiral galaxies - a radio and optical survey
C467   Milne D *              MSH15-56  G326.3-1.8: A composite SNR in the galaxy
C470   Gaensler B * PhD       SNR G308.8-0.1 and PSR J1341-6220: a possible interaction
C478   Lovell J  PhD          Monitoring flux density variations in the compact components of PKS 1830-211
C479   Dickel J               Observations of two Balmer dominated SNRs in the LMC
C483   Ellingsen S *          Are all 6.7 GHz CH3OH masers associated with star formation
C488   Gaensler B * PhD       Double-ringed supernova remnants
C489   Caswell J *            Methanol masers near the Galactic centre
C490   Oosterloo T *          HI observations of the centre of Seyfert galaxies
C491   Venturi T              J1324-316: a relic radio source in A3556
C492   Uchida K *             Interacting Wolf-Rayet ring nebulae
C493   Roy A *                Radio-excess IRAS galaxies
C494   Ehle M *               Magnetic fields in southern barred galaxies
C495   Cote S *               The extended structure of the Local Group galaxy WLM
C496   Liang H *              Neutral Hydrogen Studies of Cluster Galaxies
C497   Lim J                  Evolution of Stellar Coronae: Radio Observations of IC 2391
C498   Lim J *                Observational tests and Modelling of Bp Star Magnetospheres: s Ori E
C499   Calzetti D *           Multifrequency Observations of Starburst Galaxies
C500   Sadler E               HI in the small elliptical galaxy NGC 802
C501   Zhao J-H *             A search for large RMs and polarization towards SgrA*
C503   Horellou C             HI in interacting galaxies at 10000 < vrad < 12000 kms-1
C504   Hankins T *            Polarimetry of the Crab Nebula Pulsar
C505   Duncan A R *           A high-resolution survey of new  large SNRs in the Southern Galaxy
C506   Tasker N *             Snapshots of PMN survey extragalactic radio sources
C507   Preston R              Earth-based observation of Galileo probe for Jupiter wind estimation
C508   te Lintel Hekkert P *  How many stars does IRAS 15452-5459 contain
C509   Geller R               A Search for the ionozed intergalactic medium

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Modified: nmckay (27-NOV-1995)