Australia Telescope Compact Array

Summary of Projects for the
April, 1997 Observing Term

C015    Manchester      SNR 1987A
C064    Whiteoak        6 GHz excited OH towards SGR B2
C326    Johnston        Monitoring of the PSR B1259-63 binary system
C337    Wallace 	Multi-frequency polarimetry of G292.0+01.8
C385    Subrahmanyan    Search for Anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background
C460    Slee    	A search for gravitational images in a southern cluster
C467    Milne   	MSH15-56, G326.3-1.8: A composite SNR in the galaxy
C511    Gaensler        The SNR G320.4-1.2 enigma
C529    Bureau  	The vertical structure of bars in barred spiral galaxies
C530    Morganti        HI in elliptical galaxies
C531    Getts   	An HI dynamical study of southern interacting galaxies
C540    Tingay  	Flux density monitoring of VSOP survey sources
C558    Caswell 	6668 MHz methanol masers at new OH 1665 MHz sites
C560    Norris  	Candidate selection for HST southern deep field
C561    Rayner  	Circular Polarisation as a Test for Unified Schemes
C596    Dickey  	Galactic plane l21-cm line and continuum polarimetry
C598    Mebold  	HI halos of dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus group
C604    Keenan  	HI observations of stellar associations in the Magellanic Bridge
C606    Gordon  	A study of interacting starburst galaxies
C607    Sault   	Imaging the region near GRO J1655-40
C611    Kedziora-
	Chudczer       	Monitoring and ToO observations of PKS 0405-385
C628    Stanimirovic    HI observations of the Magellanic Bridge
C630    Gaensler        A southern search for pulsar wind nebulae
C631    Huchtmeier      HI search for nearby dwarf galaxies
C633    Gibson  	Intergalactic HI in the vicinity of NGC 3261
C634    Filipovic       SNR and SNR candidates in the Magellanic Clouds
C635    Lim     	Imaging the bipolar nebula around the luminous evolved star
			HD 148937
C636    Sparke  	Imaging polar ring galaxies in HI
C637    Morganti        Radio observations of the jet cloud interaction in
			PKS 2152-699
C638    Webster 	High resolution observations of multibeam detections
C639    Tzioumis        Monitoring of Blazars observed with SAX
C640    Gruppioni       Radio observations of the ISO southern large area survey
C641    Bains   	Observations of MyCn 18, the 'Engraved Hourglass' nebula
C643    Yusaf-Zadeh     Follow-up observations of OH masers in the 30 Dor region
C644    King    	Towards a southern sample of CSS/GPS objects
C645    Pace    	Deep searches for gamma-ray burster counterparts
C646    Zijlstra        [WC] planetary nebulae in the Sagittarius dwarf
C649    Liang   	Imaging of diffuse radio sources in ROSAT clusters
C650    Babic   	HI imaging of compact groups
C652    Clark   	Radio observations of the Be star continuum excess
C653    Slysh   	OH masers from IRAS sources

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Original: (11-MAR-1997)
Modified: (11-MAR-1997)