Australia Telescope Mopra Antenna

Summary of Projects for the
April, 1997 Observing Term

M019    Mader   	CO and CS observations in new star forming regions
M028    Drinkwater      A search for molecular absorption in reddened quasars
M035    Slysh   	3 millimeter methanol masers
M043    Brooks  	CO clumps and star formation in  the Carina Nebula
M044    Phillips        Are methanol masers associated with high density gas?
M049    King    	VLBI survey and gravitational lens search
M058    Sinclair        VSOP 22 GHz receiver installation and testing
M059    Whiteoak        CO in dense dark clouds of the Magellanic Clouds
M060    Bourke  	13CO mapping of southern molecular clouds
M061    Kurnia  	A search for molecular outflows in southern dark clouds
M062    Koribalski      SEST-MOPRA comparison of millimetre waves
M063    Olmi    	NH3 (1,1), (2,2) observations of two PMS objects in
			Chamaeleon II

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Original: (13-MAR-1997)
Modified: (13-MAR-1997)