Australia Telescope Compact Array

Summary of Projects for the
August, 1997 Observing Term

NB: Please check the dates from this summary page against details of the corresponding observing runs contained in the schedule.

The dates on this summary will not be updated following changes to scheduled observing runs, and the schedule always remains the current master copy.

Author: B Siegman (

C015    Manchester:  23 Aug, 28 Oct, 9, 11 Nov, 12 Dec
        SNR 1987A
C186    Duncan:  15 Nov
        "Continuum and Spectral Observations of Eta Carinae"
C337    Wallace:  5, 7 Sep, 19 Oct
        "Multi-frequency polarimetry of G292.0+01.8"
C424    Green:  9 Aug, 4 Sep
        J1449-6047; a giant radio galaxy near the Galactic equator
C460    Slee:  8 Nov
        A search for gravitational images in a southern cluster
C461    Perlman:  29 Oct
        A deep X-ray/Radio survey for Blazars
C467    Milne:  29 Aug, 12 Dec
        MSH15-56, G326.3-1.8: A composite SNR in the galaxy
C468    Dickel:  22 Nov
        Observations of three SMC SNRs
C470    Gaensler:  14 Aug, 20 Oct
        SNR G308.8-00.1 and PSR J1341-6220
C490    Oosterloo:  30 Oct
        HI observations of the centre of Seyfert galaxies
C530    Morganti:  23, 24 Sep
        HI in elliptical galaxies
C540    Tingay:  5, 7 Sep, 19 Nov
        Flux density monitoring of VSOP survey sources
C561    Rayner:  23 Nov
        Circular Polarisation as a Test for Unified Schemes
C572    Hopkins:  27 Nov to 22 Dec, see schedule
        The ATCA Phoenix large area ultra-deep survey
C587    Oey:  3 Sep
        HI imaging of three LMC superbubbles
C596    Dickey:  11, 13 Aug, 25 Oct
        The southern Galactic plane survey: a test region
C610    Kedziora-Chudczer:  19-25 Aug
        Correlation between radio and l-ray variability in the Blazar PKS
C611    Kedziora-Chudczer:  Monitoring, see schedule
        Monitoring and ToO observations of PKS 0405-385
C618    Lovell  Monitoring:  see schedule
        Measuring the lensing time delay in PKS 1830-211
C628    Stanimirovic:  9 -15 Oct
        HI observations of the Magellanic Bridge
C630    Gaensler:  17 Aug, 6 Nov
        A southern search for pulsar wind nebulae
C634    Filipovic:  2,4,5,7 Oct
        SNR and SNR candidates in the Magellanic Clouds: Part II
C636    Sparke:  26-31 Aug, 7-8 Oct 21 Nov
        Imaging polar ring galaxies in HI
C638    Webster 1,3 Oct
        High resolution observations of multibeam detections
C639    Tzioumis:  2 Sep, 1 Nov
        Monitoring of Blazars observed with SAX
C649    Liang:  13-14 Nov
        High resolution imaging of an unusual source
C654    Ash:  10-13 Aug
        A search for bow shocks around high-mass X-ray binaries
C655    Dahlem:  6,8,10 Aug, 18-20 Oct
        Search for radio halos in late-type spiral galaxies
C657    de Blok:  24 Aug, 6 Sep, 24 Oct
        The most massive LSB galaxy known?
C658    Sault:  2-6 Nov, 12-16 Nov
        Jupiter's synchrotron radiation belts and its magnetic field
C659    Brown:  17 Nov
        Mass loss from evolved K and M stars
C660    Butler:  12 Aug, 5 Oct
        Probing the OH in the coma of Comet Hale-Bopp
C661    Bureau:  3, 25 Oct
        The structure of the LSB dwarf galaxy ESO 364-G29
C662    Caswell:  27 Nov
        OH ground-state satellite line masers in SFRs (star forming regions)
C663    Dickel:  30 Aug, 23 Oct, 12 Nov
        The thermal composite SNR 0532-710
C665    Forster:  26-30 Nov, 1-3 Dec
        Extremely young HII regions
C666    Norris:  11 Dec
        A multi-wavelength multi-resolution study of the circular
        polarisation structure of 3C279
C667    Prouton:  31 Oct, 3 Nov
        Imaging of radio selected gravitational lens candidates
C668    de Breuck:  15 Dec
        The highest redshift radio galaixies
C669    Ogley:  16-18 Aug
        OH maser search around radio-jet X-ray binaries
C670    White:  15 Oct
        Do stellar flares obey the solar analogy? A multiwavelength campaign
        for AB Dor
C673    Barnes:  6, 27 Aug, 9 Sep
        Deep imaging of the 'Ring Group'
C674    Kedziora-Chudczer:  20-28 Dec
        Characteristics of flux density variability for 4 intraday variable
        (IDV) sources
C675    Keenan:  12 Aug, 26 Oct
        The interstellar medium on the far side of the galaxy
C676    Morganti:  7, 9 Nov
        HI absorption in radio galaxies

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