Australia Telescope Mopra Antenna

Summary of Projects for the
April, 1997 Observing Term

NB: Please check the dates from this summary page against details of the corresponding observing runs contained in the schedule.

The dates on this summary will not be updated following changes to scheduled observing runs, and the schedule always remains the current master copy.

Author: B Siegman (

M043   Brooks K:  14-20 Sep, 18-23 Oct   
       A CO study of the Carina molecular cloud

M059   Whiteoak J: 14-20 Sep, 18-23 Oct
       CO in dense dark clouds of the Magellanic Clouds

M065   Durouchoux P: 23-26 Oct
       Search for molecular clouds in the line of sight of 
       X-ray novae observed by Sigma

M066   Durouchoux P: 26-29 Oct
       Interaction between GRO J1655-40 relativistic jets and 
       the cold interstellar medium

M067   Koribalski B: 15-20 Aug
       SEST-Mopra comparison at mm-waves

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Original: (22-JUL-1997)
Modified: (22-JUL-1997)