Australia Telescope Compact Array

Summary of Projects for the
January 1998 Observing Term

Author: B Siegman (

C015    Manchester      SNR 1987A
C040    Whiteoak        Search for an H3CN circumnuclear molecular cloud in NGC 5128
C186    Duncan  	Continuum and Spectral Observations of  Eta Carinae
C319    Morganti        The secrets of Centaurus A
C468    Dickel  	Observations of three SMC SNRs
C494    Ehle    	Magnetic fields in southern barred galaxies
C539    McGregor        Intermediate radio-loud IRAS galaxies
C540    Tingay  	Flux density monitoring of VSOP survey sources
C561    Rayner  	Circular Polarisation of AGN
C565    Gordon  	HI in the Antennae (NGC 4038/9)
C596    Dickey  	The southern Galactic plane survey: a test region
C606    Gordon  	A study of interacting starburst galaxies
C611    Kedziora
	-Chudczer 	Monitoring and ToO observations of PKS 0405-385
C618    Lovell  	Measuring the lensing time delay in PKS 1830-211
C634    Filipovic       SNR and SNR candidates in the Magellanic Clouds: Part III
C638    Webster/
	Staveley-Smith  High resolution observations of multibeam
C639    Tzioumis        Monitoring of Blazars observed with SAX
C641    Bryce   	Further studies of MyCn 18, the 'Engraved Hourglass' nebula
C652    Clark   	Observations of the radio bright B[e] star Ara C
C660    Butler  	Probing the OH in the coma of Comet Hale-Bopp
C677    Clark   	First observations of B[e] stars and related nebulae
C678    Benaglia        Mass loss rate determination of southern Of stars
C681    Caswell 	Compact HII regions associated with masers
C682    Dole    	Far infrared background and galaxy evolution: HI follow-up of ISO
			cosmological survey
C683    Dougherty       Non-thermal emission from WR 86?
C684    Forbes  	A sequence of merging galaxies:  II
C685    Forbes  	HI distribution and kinematics in merger-remnant ellipticals
C686    Green   	A search for young supernova remnants
C688    Kesteven        CA  pointing stability
C689    Koribalski      A snapshot survey for infalling HI in elliptical galaxies
C690    Moffett 	Fiiling in the gap: the Crab Nebula pulsar at 13cm
C691    Norris  	Exploratory observations of the Hubble Southern Deep Field
C692    Nota    	Masses of neutral envelopes in the nebulae around luminous blue
			variable stars
C693    Phillips        Northern methanol masers
C694    Polatidis       Searching for excited OH in Seyfert galaxies
C695    Putman  	Unveiling the fine structure of high-velocity clouds
C696    Roberts 	A  radio/X-ray source in the error box of 2EGS J1418-6049
C697    Sadler  	SUMSS sources with unusual radio structure
C698    Slane   	SNR G347.5-0.5 and the origin of cosmic rays
C699    Smith   	A search for radio afterglows from an X-ray selected sample of
			gamma-ray bursters
C701    Walsh   	Peculiar orbits in NGC 3621
C702    Wilner  	Search for water maser emission in the Cloverleaf
C703    Woltjer 	The neutral gas content of powerful radio galaxies
C705    Beaulieu        HI observations of dE/dSO galaxies in the Centaurus A group
C706    Fender  	Mapping and proper motion studies of Cir X-1
C708    Lim     	The HI environment of luminous nearby quasars
C709    van der Klis    Radio and X-ray observations of G C Z- and Atoll sources
C711    Lehtinen        HII regions in R Coronae Australis Cloud
C712    Liang   	A southern survey of radio halo sources
SPC003  Haynes  	Summer Vacation Students Program

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Original: (27-NOV-1997)
Modified: (27-NOV-1997)