Summary of proposals scheduled for observations during 98SEPT

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M075Ludke An HI survey of southern Seyferts and Starbursts 5-10 Sep
M079LazendicSelection of candidate objects for a PhD study of the interstellar chemistry in shocked molecular gas around supernova remnants 30 Oct to 5 Nov
M083DurouchouxCO observations of the SS433 jet/molecular cloud interacting zones 12 to 17 Nov
M084WalshA CO study of the Coalsack 7 to 20 Oct
M085BrooksObservations of SiO (2-1) emission in the Carina Nebula 1 - 5 Sep
M086KillenMulti-molecular-line observations of Magellanic Clouds dark clouds 18-20 Sep, 21-26 Nov