Schedule summary for 2005APRT

PI Dates Title
M121Hoare10 Aug-18 AugCompletion of kinematic distances of the RMS survey
M126Urquhart24 Jun-01 Jul
07 Jul-10 Jul
11 Aug-18 Aug
Star formation in bright-rimmed clouds - is it induced?
M130Wong04 Sep-11 Sep
04 Oct-10 Oct
OTF mapping of dense cores in Chamaeleon
M136Muller25 Jun-05 Jul
08 Jul-11 Jul
Mapping CO(1-0) in the Magellanic Bridge
M146Moore02 Aug-08 AugOutflow properties for massive young stellar objects
M147Jones02 Jul-06 JulHCN from Comet 9P/Tempel1 after deep impact collision
M148Herpin04 Jun-06 JunA multi-frequency mapping of high-mass protostellar objects
M150Li26 Aug-29 AugTest of grain alignment theories - grains aligned by turbulence and magnetic fields
M151Mercer19 Jun-21 JunCO mapping of two GLIMPSE molecular clouds
M152McClure-Griffiths29 May-03 JunTracing the galactic ecosystem from supershells to molecular clouds
M153Rathborne15 Jun-18 JunKinematic distances to southern infrared dark clouds
M155Sparks24 Jul-26 Jul
29 Jul-01 Aug
19 Aug-24 Aug
Dense gas in spiral galaxies
M156Bains24 Jul-26 Jul
28 Jul-01 Aug
19 Aug-24 Aug
06 Sep-11 Sep
30 Sep-10 Oct
18 Oct-28 Oct
Turbulence in Molecular clouds: The Delta Quadrant survey
M157Voronkov20 May-26 MayA search for isolated Class I methanol masers
M158Minier08 Jun-14 JunProbing the dynamics of massive mid-IR dark clouds
M160Hughes13 Jul-23 JulOTF mapping of molecular gas in Ara OB1
M161Barnes14 Jul-23 Jul
01 Oct-03 Oct
CHaMP: A Galactic census of high and medium mass protostars in dense gas
M162Koo30 Aug
31 Aug
02 Sep-05 Sep
Search for shocked molecules associated with southern Galactic SNRs
M163Barnes12 Oct-18 OctThe evolution of low-mass protostellar cores
MX002Ott30 May-04 Jun
09 Jun-21 Jun
27 Aug-31 Aug
03 Sep
06 Sep-11 Sep
The influence of the radiation field on the molecular gas in the LMC
MX005Buyle18 Oct-30 OctMolecular gas in Local Group dwarf irregular galaxies
MX006Wong04 Sep-06 SepCircumnuclear rings as probes of star formation
VLBILovell12 May-20 MayVLBI

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