Schedule summary for 2005OCT

PI Dates Title
M156Bains01 Oct-10 Oct
18 Oct-28 Oct
Turbulence in Molecular clouds: The Delta Quadrant survey
M161Barnes01 Oct-03 OctCHaMP: A Galactic census of high and medium mass protostars in dense gas
M163Barnes12 Oct-18 OctThe evolution of low-mass protostellar cores
MX002Ott/Muller03 Oct-10 Oct
19 Oct-28 Oct
The influence of the radiation field on the molecular gas in the LMC
MX005Buyle18 Oct-30 OctMolecular gas in Local Group dwarf irregular galaxies
MX008Cunningham04 Oct-10 OctMolecular abundance variations in the molecular clouds of the LMC
VLBILovell01 Nov-06 Nov
09 Mar-17 Mar
23 Mar

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