Schedule summary for 2006APR

PI Dates Title
M130Wong13 Jul-17 Jul
20 Jul-24 Jul
OTF Mapping of Dense Cores in Chamaeleon
M136Muller30 Apr-09 MayAn Expanded Study of Molecular Regions in the Magellanic Bridge
M153Rathborne30 Apr-03 MayKinematic distances to southern Infrared Dark Clouds
M156Cunningham11 Jul-17 Jul
19 Jul-23 Jul
29 Aug-05 Sep
29 Sep-02 Oct
04 Oct-07 Oct
18 Oct-31 Oct
Investigating Massive Star Formation: The Delta Quadrant Survey
M160Hughes27 Jul-01 Aug
03 Aug-09 Aug
A 13CO Survey of the Molecular Gas in Ara OB1
M161Barnes04 Jun-11 Jun
05 Jul-12 Jul
25 Jul-01 Aug
CHaMP - A Galactic Census of High- and Medium-mass Protostars
M163Barnes10 Aug-16 Aug
06 Sep-11 Sep
c2d @ Mopra: The evolution of low-mass protostellar cores
M164Ott13 Sep-22 SepThe ATCA Galactic Center Ammonia Survey: Single Dish Follow-Up
M165Ott03 Sep-05 Sep
28 Sep-02 Oct
04 Oct-06 Oct
A 3mm Line Survey Along the Molecular Ridge Close to 30Dor in the LMC
M167Walsh07 Jul-10 JulLine Survey Mapping of G305.21 and NGC6334I/I(N)
M168Walsh25 Jun
26 Jun
04 Jul-06 Jul
A 3mm Line Survey Towards Sites of Massive Star Formation
M170Burton27 Jun-02 JulThe organic repository in the Central Molecular Zone of the Galaxy
M171Rathborne04 May-09 MayIdentifying cores within Southern Infrared Dark Clouds
M172Hughes26 Jun-02 Jul
04 Aug-09 Aug
19 Aug-23 Aug
25 Aug-28 Aug
30 Aug-02 Sep
A 12CO Survey of Molecular Clouds in the Inner LMC
M175Sault29 Apr
30 Apr
Mopra SiO maser monitoring
M176Wu18 Aug-20 AugSearch for Massive Pre-Stellar Cores in MSX Infrared Dark Clouds
M177Ramstedt24 Jul-26 JulThe mass-loss and chemistry of S-stars
M180Butner/Lada/Saul12 Jun-14 Jun
16 Jun-21 Jun
Observations of the Southern Coalsack
M182Ott29 May-02 Jun
05 Jun-11 Jun
Wide-Field Mapping of Molecular Gas in Southern Starburst Galaxies
M184Lo21 Aug
22 Aug
24 Aug-27 Aug
Stellar Outflows in G333 GMC
M186Muller07 Oct-15 OctUncovering the Extended Molecular Cloud Population in the SMC
M187Dawson08 Oct-15 OctTriggered Star Formation in the Carina Flare Supershell: Molecular Cloud Mapping and the Search for Dense Molecular Cores
M188de Rijcke22 Jun-25 JunThe dense and diffuse molecular gas content of E+A galaxies
M190Purcell23 Sep-28 SepThe Chemical Evolution of Massive Young Stellar Objects
M191Kawase14 Sep-22 SepMolecure Cloud in the Furthest Arm in the Milky Way
MX009Pineda17 Jul
18 Jul
20 Jul-02 Aug
A 3mm Line Survey in the Molecular Arc in the LMC
VLBILovell12 May-17 May
23 Aug
24 Aug

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