Schedule summary for 2009OCT

PI Dates Title
M137Lazendic02 Oct-04 Oct
06 Oct-09 Oct
Identifying molecular clouds associated with TeV-emitting SNR G347.3-0.5
M207Walsh21 Jan-07 MarHOPS - the H2O southern galactic Plane Survey
M390Rowell17 Mar-20 MarExtending a 7mm survey of shocked and dense gas in the W28 SNR field
M422Momose01 Oct
02 Oct
12CO(J=1-0) mapping of one of the nearest Luminous Infrared barred spiral Galaxy NGC 1365
M426Indermuehle05 Oct
06 Oct
19 Jan
20 Jan
14 Mar
15 Mar
Maser and Flux Monitoring at 3mm, 7mm and 12mm
M447Burton24 Mar-30 MarThe Central Molecular Zone at 7 Millimetres
M449Smith03 Oct
04 Oct
06 Oct-10 Oct
CO Observations of BLAST Nearby Galaxies
M452Fuller20 Mar-23 MarComplementary 45 GHz Observations of the MALT-90 Pilot Sources
M454Cordiner25 Mar-28 MarA search for anions and carbon chains in southern-hemisphere sources
NASAEdwards12 Oct-15 Oct
09 Nov-12 Nov
15 Dec-18 Dec
NASA Tracking
VLBIPhillips11 Nov
01 Dec
03 Dec
05 Dec
07 Dec
08 Dec
10 Dec-15 Dec
17 Dec
19 Dec
10 Feb
09 Mar-14 Mar

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