Schedule summary for 2014APR

PI Dates Title
M426Indermuehle02 Apr
03 Apr
28 Apr
29 Apr
26 May
28 May
18 Jun
23 Sep
Maser and Flux Monitoring at 3mm, 7mm and 12mm
M566Barnes28 May-01 Jun
05 Jun-10 Jun
14 Jun-17 Jun
The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky way Survey (MALT110): Completion of Phase II
M664Zhang19 Jun-23 JunA Spectral Line Survey of 3mm wavelength window toward southern proto-planetary nebulae and planetary nebulae
M666Bot20 Jun-24 JunMolecular Gas in the Diffuse Cirrus Cloud Paley 3
M667Olmi16 Jun-21 JunThe segregation of starless and proto-stellar clumps in the Hi-GAL l=224^ region
M668Indermuehle29 Apr
28 May
02 Jun
10 Jun
14 Jun
23 Jun
26 Jun
28 Aug
18 Sep
Monitoring SiO Maser Emissions in High Time Resolution
M669Foster29 Apr
24 Sep
Monitoring G301 and Characterizing Mopra
M671Fissel29 May-01 Jun
06 Jun-10 Jun
Importance of Magnetic Fields for Star Formation in the Puppis Molecular Cloud
NAOJIguchi16 Apr-27 Apr
08 May-13 May
15 May-26 May
17 Jul-14 Aug
28 Aug-18 Sep
NAOJ time
UNSW++Burton/Rowell04 Apr-16 Apr
01 May-06 May
26 Jun-16 Jul
14 Aug-28 Aug
24 Sep-30 Sep
VLBITzioumis03 Apr
30 Apr
01 May
27 May
28 May
02 Jun-05 Jun
11 Jun-13 Jun
19 Sep-23 Sep

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