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Duty astronomer roster - 2001 January term

A rostered duty astronomer is present at Narrabri for all scheduled observations with the ATCA. The duty astronomer provides support at the start of the observations and will assist with any problems that may arise during an observing run.

Duty astronomer times start and end at 08:00 on the day listed unless otherwise indicated.

For further information, or if there are any changes or swaps to the DA roster, please contact Jessica Chapman.

Version date: 7th December 2000

Wed 27/12 to Sat 30/12  ATNF staff - self supporting
Sat 30/12 to Sun 31/12  Dave McConnell
Sun 31/12 to Tue 02/01  Bob Sault
Tue 02/01 to Sun 07/01  VLBI group    (VLBI from 2nd to 7th)
Sun 07/01 to Wed 10/01  Tim Connery and Elizabeth Claridge
Wed 10/01 to Wed 17/01  Baerbel Koribalski
Wed 17/01 to Wed 24/01  Michael Burton
Wed 24/01 to Wed 31/01  Dave Rayner
Wed 31/01 to Wed 07/02  Hayley Bignall
Wed 07/02 to Wed 14/02  Stuart Ryder
Wed 14/02 to Wed 21/02  Emma Ryan 
Wed 21/02 to Wed 28/02  Wim Brouw (confirmed)
Wed 28/02 to Wed 07/03  Vincent McIntyre
Wed 07/03 to Wed 14/03  Carole Jackson
Wed 14/03 to Wed 21/03  Jim Lovell
Wed 21/03 to Wed 28/03  Minh Huynh
Wed 28/03 to Wed 04/04  Roopesh Ojha
Wed 04/04 to Wed 11/04  Neil Killeen
Wed 11/04 to Wed 18/04  Richard Dodson
Wed 18/04 to Wed 25/04  Melanie Johnston-Hollitt    (includes VLBI)
Wed 25/04 to Wed 02/05  Dick Manchester