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Duty Astronomer Roster - April, 2010 Semester

A rostered duty astronomer is present at Narrabri for all scheduled observations with the ATCA. The duty astronomer provides support at the start of the observations and will assist with any problems that may arise during an observing run.

Duty astronomer times start and end at 08:00 on the day listed unless otherwise indicated.

See DA policy for information on DA policy and obligations.

Wed 31/03 to Wed 07/04
Wed 07/04 to Wed 14/04 Phil Edwards
Wed 14/04 to Wed 21/04 Emil Lenc
Wed 21/04 to Wed 28/04 Kitty Lo
Wed 28/04 to Fri 30/04 Robin Wark
Fri 30/04 to Wed 05/05 Chris Wright
Wed 05/05 to Mon 12/05 Giovanna Zanardo
Mon 10/05 to Wed 12/05 Sarah Maddison
Wed 12/05 to Wed 19/05 Vince McIntyre
Wed 19/05 to Wed 26/05 Jimi Green
Wed 26/05 to Wed 02/06 Robin Wark
Wed 02/06 to Wed 09/06 Kate Randall
Wed 09/06 to Wed 16/06 James Urquhart
Wed 16/06 to Wed 23/06 Bjorn Emonts
Wed 23/06 to Wed 30/06 Aquib Moin
Wed 30/06 to Wed 07/07 Dominic Schnitzeler
Wed 07/07 to Wed 14/07 Rajan Chhetri
Wed 14/07 to Wed 21/07 Catarina Ubach
Wed 21/07 to Wed 28/07 VLBI
Wed 28/07 to Wed 04/08 Maxim Voronkov
Wed 04/08 to Wed 11/08 Annie Hughes
Wed 11/08 to Wed 18/08 Laura Bonavera
Wed 18/08 to Wed 25/08 Douglas Bock
Wed 25/08 to Wed 01/09 Anita Titmarsh
Wed 01/09 to Wed 08/09 Minnie Mao
Wed 08/09 to Wed 15/09 Shea Brown
Wed 15/09 to Wed 22/09 Annie Hughes
Wed 22/09 to Wed 29/09 Shane O'Sullivan
Wed 29/09 to Wed 06/10 Vicki Lowe

Created: Robin Wark ( 8-Oct-2009)
Modified: Robin Wark ( 3-May-2010)