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Duty Astronomer Roster - April, 2013 Semester

A rostered duty astronomer is present at Narrabri for all scheduled observations with the ATCA. The duty astronomer provides support at the start of the observations and will assist with any problems that may arise during an observing run.

Duty astronomer times start and end at 08:00 on the day listed unless otherwise indicated.

See DA policy for information on DA policy and obligations.

To offer support or if there are any changes or swaps to the roster, please contact

Wed 27/03 to Wed 03/04 Jimi Green(From October Semester)
Wed 03/04 to Mon 08/04 Graeme Wong
Mon 08/04 to Mon 15/04 Chris Jordan
Mon 15/04 to Mon 22/04 Vicki Lowe
Mon 22/04 to Mon 29/04 Nick Seymour
Mon 29/04 to Mon 06/05 Keith Bannister
Mon 06/05 to Mon 13/05 Sebastian Haan
Mon 13/05 to Mon 20/05 Kate Chow
Mon 20/05 to Mon 27/05 Jordan Collier
Mon 27/05 to Mon 03/06 Alex Hill
Mon 03/06 to Tue 11/06 Graeme Wong
Tue 11/06 to Mon 17/06 Vanessa Moss
Mon 17/06 to Mon 24/06 Luke Hindson
Mon 24/06 to Mon 01/07 Maxim Voronkov
Mon 01/07 to Mon 08/07 Naomi McClure-Griffiths
Mon 08/07 to Mon 15/07 Yanett Contreras
Mon 15/07 to Mon 22/07 Catarina Ubach
Mon 22/07 to Mon 29/07 Sarah Maddison
Mon 29/07 to Mon 05/08 Jane Kaczmarek
Mon 05/08 to Mon 12/08 Lisa Harvey-Smith
Mon 12/08 to Mon 19/08 Tim Shimwell
Mon 19/08 to Mon 26/08 Anita Titmarsh
Mon 26/08 to Mon 02/09 Jill Rathborne
Mon 02/09 to Mon 09/09 Stacy Mader
Mon 09/09 to Mon 16/09 Yiannis Gonidakis
Mon 16/09 to Mon 23/09 Peter Kamphuis
Mon 23/09 to Mon 30/09 Tom Franzen

Created: Robin Wark ( 3-Oct-2012)
Modified: Robin Wark (12-Jun-2013)