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Duty Astronomer Roster - October, 2016

Duty astronomer times start at 10 am on the start date and finish at 11am on the end date - unless other arrangements are made.

See DA policy for information on DA responsibilites.

Mon 26/09 to Tue 04/10 Katharina Lutz (Celebrate working 40 hours a week on 3rd October)
Tue 04/10 to Mon 10/10 Karen Lee-Waddell
Mon 10/10 to Mon 17/10 Dane Kleiner
Mon 17/10 to Mon 24/10 Juan Madrid
Mon 24/10 to Mon 31/10 Jing Wang
Mon 31/10 to Mon 07/11 Andrew O'Brien
Mon 07/11 to Mon 14/11 Li Shao
Mon 14/11 to Mon 21/11 Wasim Raja/Xinyu Wu
Mon 21/11 to Mon 28/11 Boyang Liu
Mon 28/11 to Mon 05/12 Ross Turner
Mon 05/12 to Mon 12/12 Pero Manojlovic
Mon 12/12 to Mon 19/12 Vlad Tudor
Mon 19/12 to Mon 26/12 Tim Galvin (including Christmas and Boxing days)
Mon 26/12 to Tue 03/01 Tim Galvin (1st January marks the New Year)
Tue 03/01 to Mon 09/01 Robin Wark/Phil Edwards
Mon 09/01 to Mon 16/01 Josh Marvil
Mon 16/01 to Mon 23/01 Hopefully a VLBI person, but this needs to be confirmed
Mon 23/01 to Mon 30/01 Shi Dai (includes Australia Day on the 26th)
Mon 30/01 to Mon 06/02 Helga Dénes
Mon 06/02 to Mon 13/02 Chris Riseley
Mon 13/02 to Mon 20/02 Gulay Gurkan Uygun
Mon 20/02 to Mon 27/02 Craig Anderson
Mon 27/02 to Mon 06/03 Ian Heywood
Mon 06/03 to Mon 13/03 Martin Bell
Mon 13/03 to Mon 20/03 George Heald
Mon 20/03 to Mon 27/03 Helga Dénes
Mon 27/03 to Mon 03/04 James Allison

Created: Robin Wark (22-Feb-2016)
Modified: Robin Wark 2-Feb-2017)