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Duty astronomer roster - 1998 September term

A rostered duty astronomer is present at Narrabri for all scheduled observations with the ATCA. The duty astronomer provides support at the start of the observations and will assist with any problems that may arise during an observing run.

Duty astronomer times start and end at 08:00 on the day listed unless otherwise indicated.

Version date: 10th September 1998

Wed 02/09 to Wed 09/09    Maintenance period
Wed 09/09 to Wed 16/09    Richard Dodson
Wed 16/09 to Wed 23/09    Melanie Johnston
Wed 23/09 to Wed 30/09    Vincent McIntyre   
Wed 30/09 to Wed 07/10    Bob Sault
Wed 07/10 to Wed 14/10    David Legge
Wed 14/10 to Wed 21/10    Raymond Haynes  
Wed 21/10 to Wed 28/10    Mathew Young
Wed 28/10 to Wed 04/11    Tracy Getts
Wed 04/11 to Wed 11/11    Kate Brooks (inc VLBI)
Wed 11/11 to Wed 18/11    Jasmina Lazendic
Wed 18/11 to Wed 25/11    Jim Caswell
Wed 25/11 to Wed 02/12    Hayley Bignall(inc VLBI)
Wed 02/12 to Fri 11/12    Virginia Kilborn (leaving in evening)
Sat 12/12 to Wed 16/12    Rachel Webster (arriving in morning)
Wed 16/12 to Wed 23/12    Lucyna Kedziora-Chudzer
Wed 23/12 to Wed 30/12    John Dickey 
Wed 30/12 to Fri 01/01    John Whiteoak
Fri 01/01 to Sun 03/01    Ravi Subrahmanyan
Sun 03/01 to Wed 06/01    Ron Ekers

Please inform Jessica Chapman of any swaps or other changes to the roster.

Original: (18-MAR-1997)
Last Modified: Jessica Chapman (10-September-1998)