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Some Useful Linux/UNIX (and VMS) Commands

This appendix lists some Linux/Unix commands and their VMS equivalents on ATNF computers (these may include special commands only available on these computers). This list is in no way complete and the online man command should be used for further information. We follow tradition here and list the VMS command first.

VMS Unix VMS operation performed
directory ls list directory contents
set default [dirname] cd change directory to dirname
sd [dirname] cd local alias for set default
set default [-] cd .. change to directory above present one
show default pwd print current directory pathname
$\equiv$ show default    
create/dir [.dir1] mkdir create subdirectory dir1
delete dir1.dir; rmdir delete subdirectory (must be empty)
show quota quota display your disk quota

copy file1 file2 cp copy file contents from file1 to file2
rename file1 file2 mv move contents of file1 to file2
purge file1   delete copies of file1 except for the most recent
delete file1;version rm delete file1, version number must be specified
delete * rm * delete globally
delete/confirm rm -i request confirmation before deleting files
type file1 cat print contents of file1 to screen
sort file1 [file2] sort sort file1 into file2 - if file2 is not specified, command will create another version of file1
diff file1 file2 diff compares text files and displays difference
sho protection ls -l show permissions on files

Printing and Batch Jobs
print file1 lwp print file1
    different printers are available on ATNF computers (for Unix, just use the command chooser), at Narrabri the most common are:
print/queue=laser_colour colour printer
print/queue=laser_p1 1 portrait page per sheet
print/queue=laser_p2 2 portrait pages per sheet
print/queue=laser_l1 1 landscape page per sheet
laser[a]file1 lp print PostScript file (assumes .lsr extension)
sho queue queuename lwq/lpq display printer queue
del/entry=n cancel n remove entry number n from any print queue
sho queue   display all printer queues
submit file1 batch submit file1 to batch queue
qb[a]   show batch queues
qs[a]   show printer queues

finger[a] finger provide information on users
users[a] who same as finger but a different format
sho users w lists all logged on users and processes
sho symbol symname alias show symbol assignment
sho logical logname printenv show logical name assignment
sho process ps lists processes running
sho quota quota summary of your disk usage
sho dev d df shows all disks and their total usage
sho dev /m   shows mounted devices to the disk
sho dev d/full   shows full information about the disk

sho time date display time
sho date date display date
search file1 string grep search for string in file1
stop proc/id=n kill n kill process number n
stop process_name   kill process process_name, but process has to be in the same group as you)
sho proc/priv groups display your privileges
set password passwd change your password
who[a] whoami displays username, $\equiv$ sho process
help man display help


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Robin Wark 2006-10-24