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Information for Duty Astronomers

Providing effective Duty Astronomer (DA) support is a key performance goal for every member of the astronomy group. ATNF can best ensure that astronomers meet these goals by the following:

  • DAs will be drawn from AT staff or ATNF co-supervised students with at least 12 months PhD experience.
  • All indefinite members of staff and postdocs belonging to the astrophysics group, together with members of staff who receive an individual or special research budget are required to provide DA support for at least two weeks per year (consistent with employment status/support commitments on other ATNF telescopes).
  • Other ATNF PhD astronomers may also serve as DAs with the permission of their manager.
  • Experienced non-ATNF astronomers may serve as DA, with the prior approval of the ATNF Head of Science Operations.
  • All DAs will be familiar with their expected duties prior to the start of their DA Duties (see here)
  • DAs are expected to be at Marsfield for the duration of their DA duties.
  • All DAs will be required to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all items on the current version of the DA checklist to the Head of Science Operations or his/her delegate immediately prior to the commencement of their DA run.
  • Immediately prior to the completion of their DA period, the DA should complete a handover report and provide a copy to the incoming DA (see the hand-over web form).

Changes to Roster

Once confirmed, an individual will be responsible for the allocated duty astronomer time, or for finding a replacement person. Please inform Robin Wark ( of any replacements or swaps.

Travel arrangements

ATNF will provide economy airfares for DAs who provide at least one full week of continuous DA support at the SOC. This applies from any destination within Australia. Please note that air fares cannot be provided for periods of less than one week.

For travel arrangements contact CASS Accommodation Staff .

For further information contact Robin Wark (


Original: Jessica Chapman
Modified: Robin Wark (10-Mar-2015)