Mopra Induction Course 2005

27 May (Friday evening) to 29 May (Sunday afternoon), 2005

The Mopra Observatory is located in the beautiful scenery of the Warrumbungles National Park.

The induction weekend is intended to teach new Mopra observers how to use the observatory in a safe and intelligent manner. A number of lectures aimed at increasing the understanding of observatory subsystems, mm observing and data reduction techniques, as well as on mm astronomy in general will be presented. Students will receive practical experience in using the observatory. The course will taught with an emphasis on safety and practical knowledge.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation at Mopra. However, there are a few possibilities, like Motels/Hotels in Coonabarabran or the ANU lodge at Siding Springs which is approx. 4km off the Mopra site. Note that the AAO Director's cottage has been booked now for UNSW students.

We will organize free lunches for you as well as the free BBQ on Friday night. On Saturday night we will have dinner at the Skywatch Observatory Restaurant near Coonabarabran. This place not only offers Thai food but also the possibility for star gazing, mini golf, an exhibition, and not to forget Karaoke. We are booked for Stargazing at 19:00 follwed by dinner at 20:00. You will have to pay for both on your own account (if you're not too thisty on the booze on Fri night we may still have some free drinks left for the BYO at the Skywatch observatory). The cost of the banquet is $25 per head, not including desserts which is separate. The stargazing is $10 per head. So the evening will cost you $35 total. (Mini-golf is $5 per head and needs to be booked if required, but there may not be time beforehand.) If you have any diet restrictions, please inform me ( so we can inform the chef in time. Directions to the Mopra site are provided here: Visitor's guide to Mopra Observatory.

Thanks to all participants, speakers, and those who helped to organize the weekend for a great course!

I've collected all the presentations - downloads (in different formats) and links can be found below.


Fri 27 May
16:00         Arrival
17:00Jürgen OttWelcome and Overview of the Mopra Telescope
17:15Michael DahlemMopra Safety (see Safety Information for Visitors, Antenna safety for visitors and Mopra OHS Manual (pdf))
18:00         BBQ
21:00Michael BurtonOverview of mm Astronomy (ppt; 7.3M)   (jpeg tar; 1.6M)


Sat 28 May
 9:30Michael BurtonAstronomy at mm wavelengths (ppt; 16M)   (jpeg tar; 2.8M)
10:15         Morning Tea
10:45Kate Brooks/Jürgen OttExtracting science from molecular lines (ppt; 15M)   (jpeg tar; 3.0M)
11:30Tony Wongmm Observing Strategies (ppt; 1.7M)   (jpeg tar; 1.5M)
12:15         Lunch
13:15Euan TroupThe Mopra Computing System (sxi; 16k)  (ppt; 54k)   (jpeg tar; 300k)
 14:00Cormac PurcellCalibration and Data Reduction Strategies (ppt; 3.0M)   (jpeg tar; 1.2M)
15:00 Tutorials - split into 3 parallel groups
Malte & CormacData Reduction (ASAP & Livedata/Gridzilla) ASAP Tutorial  ASAP home  Livedata/Gridzilla Tutorial
Michael B. & ?Preparing Observations
Jürgen & EuanHands-on Observing
19:00         Dinner at the Skywatch Restaurant Coonabarabran


Sun 29 May
 9:30Graeme CarradThe Mopra receiver system (ppt; 19M)   (jpeg tar; 3.0M)  (Optics Model, pdf; 69k)
10:15Warwick WilsonThe Mopra Correlators (ppt; 5.5M)   (jpeg tar; 0.9M)
11:00         Morning Tea
11:30Tutorials - split into 3 parallel groups
Graeme & JürgenReceiver Tuning
Warwick & BobTelescope Tour
Help Yourself with the Lunch Tutorial
15:00         -- End --




Michael Burton UNSW
Graeme Carrad ATNF
Michael Dahlem ATNF
Malte Marquarding ATNF
Jürgen Ott ATNF
Cormack Purcell UNSW
Euan Troup ATNF
Warwick Wilson ATNF


Johannes Bauer UNSW visitor
Rajan Chhetri UNSW
Gary Deragopian UNSW visitor
Steve Donnelly UNSW visitor
Yann Esuriol UNSW visitor
Annie Hughes Swinburne
Greg Locke UNSW visitor
Korinne McDonnell Macquarie Uni
Kris Meyer UNSW visitor
Ross Mitchell UNSW
Juanita Phang UNSW
Jorge Pineda Uni Bonn
Matt Poole UNSW
Patricia Sparks UNSW

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