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ATNF Narrabri Visitor Network - Printing


These notes have been adapted from the instructions provided in ATNF Visitor Network - Printing from your laptop. They have been slightly modified to provide ATNF Narrabri specific details.

Windows XP

Before proceeding to add a printer in the usual manner, you need to ensure that Microsoft Print Services for UNIX has been enabled.

How to Enable Microsoft Print Services for UNIX

  • Go to the Control Panel (either via My Computer or Start/Control Panel)
  • In the Control Panel double click on Add/Remove Programs
  • On the left panel select Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Scroll down in the Components window and ensure that the following service is ticked: Other Network File and Print Services
  • Click on Details (or double click Other Network File and Print Services) and ensure that Print Services for Unix is enabled
  • Click OK and then NEXT
  • You may be asked to insert your Windows XP Professional CD-ROM. If this is the case, contact the local system adminstrator to assist if you don't have your own copy of the CD-ROM.
  • Click Finish

Configure your computer for lpr printing

  • Once the Microsoft Print Service for UNIX has been enabled on your PC, the next step is to configure lpr printing.
  • From the Start Menu go to Settings/Printers
  • Double Click the Add Printer icon
  • Select Local printer attached to this computer ensure that Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer is NOT selected
  • Click the Next button
  • Select Create a new port. From the drop down menu select LPR Port
  • Click the Next button to continue
  • The following steps assume that you wish to connect to the Sharp MX4111N colour printer in the observer's area. The printer is a post script duplex printer that should cover the needs of most observers.
  • Enter the name of the print server and printer.
    • Name or address of server providing lpd: printhost-nar.atnf.CSIRO.AU
    • Name of printer or print queue on that server: cacolour

  • Note By default, Windows XP/2000 doesn't provide the printer drivers for a Sharp MX4111N (the printer located in the observer's area).
    • Information on the MX4111N on the Sharp Australia Support website. Click here to go to the MX4111N page.
    • Download the Postscript driver from the Sharp Australia Support website. Windows XP PCL6/PS driver zip file.
    • Save the file to a known location and extract according to the instructions. Make a note of the destination directory where the files are extracted to.
  • In the Add Printer Wizard window, click on Have Disk
  • Navigate to the driver directory as noted above and select the post script driver. Click Next
  • Enter a printer name: cacolour
  • Click Next to continue
  • Ensure that the option Do not share this printer is selected click Next to continue
  • Click Finish to complete setting up the printer

Original: John Giovannis (20th Jan 2004), modified: Brett Lennon ( )