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Samba filesharing

Sharing files between operating systems

A Samba server running on zephir allows a user to access Unix filesystems within a Windows environment.

A unix filesystem can be accessed via Windows Explorer by mapping the drive according to the path specification (see table below).

Path specification for Windows Unix filesystem Description
\\zephir\{unix_username} kaputar:/export/narusers/{unix_home_directory} Home directory - unix user
\\namoi\www namoi:/var/www/vhosts/ webserver document directory
\\zephir\kaputar_1 kaputar:/data/KAPUTAR_1 Operations Staff directory (backed up)
\\zephir\kaputar_2 kaputar:/data/KAPUTAR_2 Local Staff data directory (not backed up)
\\zephir\kaputar_3 kaputar:/data/KAPUTAR_3 Visitor data directory (not backed up)
\\zephir\kaputar_4 kaputar:/data/KAPUTAR_4 Visitor data directory (not backed up)
\\zephir\archive_1 kaputar:/data/ARCHIVE_1 Observing Data holding area (not backed up)
\\zephir\CACCC_1 cadata:/data/CACCC_1/corr/dat -

Mapping a unix drive
  • Launch Windows Explorer
  • Go to Tools / Map Network Drive
  • Select a Drive Letter that is not being used
  • In the Folder box enter the path specification (see table above) and click Finish
  • The target drive can now be accessed via Windows Explorer.

How to map a Windows directory (shared drive)

  • Launch Windows Explorer
  • Go to Tools / Map Network Drive ...
  • Select a drive letter and a folder name
  • Click Finish

Original: John Giovannis (8th March 2004), modified: Brett Lennon ()