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Reference pointing references

  • D. J. McKay, Reference pointing at the Compact Array. Describes the original self-cal reference pointing.
  • D. McConnell & R. Wark, Pointing Calibration of Compact Array Antennas, Progress Report, AT/31.6.7/019, 8 June 1993.
  • D. J. McKay CATAG - Compact Array reference pointing program This document is the programmer's reference; it lists the headers of all CATAG function and subroutine calls. It has not been updated from Derek's version of CATAG.
  • D. J. McKay, ATCA pointing calibration. (needs updating to the linux era!)
  • D. J. McKay, ATCA: SCHED and associated scheduling programs.
  • D. J. McKay, Pointing Techniques for Radiotelescopes, M.Sc thesis, University of New South Wales, 1997.
  • D. P. Rayner, ATCA Antenna Pointing. Describes the thoughts and experiments which led to the implementation of holography mode reference pointing.
  • R. J. Sault, Accuracy of Reference Pointing, 12 September 1995.

Original: David Rayner (15-May-2001)
Modified: Bob Sault (11-Nov-2003), Phil Edwards (21-Oct-2008)