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2003 MAYT Compact Array Swap Notes

Full schedules for the Compact Array are available at

The following table lists the Compact Array proposals which have been allocated 'swap partners' for 2003 MAYT. The document ``Flexible sceduling at the ATCA'' more fully describes swaps and their purpose. The document ``3mm weather - predictions and 2002 review'' gives background and a analyses data that attempts to address the usefulness of the swap scheme.

Date Allocated mm Project Number Swap Date cm Partner Number Notes
6-May C1173 8-May C882  
7-May C1173 9-May C882  
10-May C1167 12-May C1155, C596  
5-Jun C1145 8-Jun C1046  
6-Jun C1077 9-Jun C1046  
7-Jun C1077 10-Jun C962  
13-Jun C1182 14-Jun C1193  
2-Jul C1077 4-Jul C1184  
3-Jul, 4-Jul C1187 5-Jul C1197 Two mm slots for one swap slot.
3-Jul C1077 5-Jul C1184  
6-Jul, 7-Jul C1186, C1187 8-Jul C962 Two mm slots for one swap slot.
6-Jul, 7-Jul C1145 8-Jul C962 Two mm slots for one swap slot.
10-Jul to 13-Jul C996 14-Jul C1197, C1168 C996 and C1168 swap small amounts elsewhere.
Four mm slots for one swap slot.
9-Aug C1167 10-Aug C1192  
11-Aug, 12-Aug C1187 13-Aug C1154 Two mm slots for one swap slot.
14-Aug C1187 15-Aug C1154  
16-Aug C1131 17-Aug C1154  
18-Aug C1186 19-Aug C1154  
26-Aug, 27-Aug C1156, C1158, C1145 28-Aug C1158  
29-Aug C1182 31-Aug C1193  

Original: Bob Sault (6-Apr-2003)
Modified: Bob Sault (6-Apr-2003)