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Schedule summary for 2004OCTT

PI Dates Title
C015Staveley-Smith28 Sep
31 Oct
05 Dec
04 Jan
23 Mar-25 Mar
SNR 1987A
C184Ryder23 NovThe 1978 supernova in NGC 1313
C596McClure-Griffiths12 NovSGPS Survey
C767Gallo16 OctSimultaneous ATCA and CHANDRA observations of GX 339-4
C906Caswell28 MarRise and fall of OH maser flares in 339.884-1.259
C936Camilo02 Nov
16 Jan
Imaging of the SNR Candidate G309.8-2.6 near the 7,000-year-old PSR J1357-6427
C988Wang12 DecA systematic study of isolated high-mass protostars
C996Wright10 Oct-12 OctFurther 3mm studies of pre-planetary disks
C1000Hunstead08 Dec
09 Dec
High redshift radio galaxies from SUMSS
C1012McClure-Griffiths15 Jan
16 Jan
Vacation student program
C1049Ekers21 Oct-26 Oct
03 Nov-07 Nov
Wideband 20 GHz sky survey
C1062Burgasser30 Nov-06 DecRadio emission from nearby cool dwarf stars and brown dwarfs
C1088Hoare23 Nov-29 NovMassive star formation in the Galaxy: Red MSX sources
C1107Pisano08 Jan-13 Jan
01 Mar-08 Mar
Intragroup HI in local group galaxies
C1154Doyle24 Feb-27 Feb
02 Mar-08 Mar
Star formation efficiency and environment
C1158Purcell07 Oct
09 Oct
A multi-frequency survey of NGC 3576
C1163Ramsdale27 Mar19.9 GHz methanol masers in star forming regions
C1173Maddison14 Oct3mm observations of protostellar disks in Chamaeleon 1
C1176Gibb03 Oct
06 Oct
Searching for disks around massive young stellar objects
C1199Corbel01 Nov
30 Dec
Large scale radio jets in microquasar
C1207McIntyre09 Feb-12 Feb
16 Feb
17 Feb
19 Feb
21 Feb
A 4.8 and 8.6-GHz survey of the SMC
C1213Gelfand19 Dec
25 Jan-30 Jan
04 Feb
A search for pulsar nebulae in small supernova remnants
C1224Ott15 Mar
16 Mar
18 Mar
Temperature variations of dense molecular gas in starburst cores
C1241Boyle24 Nov-30 Nov
17 Dec
19 Dec
27 Dec-30 Dec
01 Jan-04 Jan
07 Jan-11 Jan
18 Jan-23 Jan
25 Mar
08 Apr
09 Apr
Wide-area deep radio observations of SWIRE/APEX fields
C1252Slee28 Mar
08 Apr
Coherent radio emission from RS CVn binaries
C1261Subrahmanyan11 Nov
12 Nov
12 Jan
13 Jan
The low-surface-brightness radio source population
C1269Audard04 Dec
05 Dec
Radio & x-ray emissions of the nearest brown dwarf
C1272Gentile22 Dec
24 Dec
25 Dec
27 Dec-29 Dec
The sigma - circular velocity relation and the dark matter density profiles
C1274Nielbock10 Oct
11 Oct
The multiplicity of protostars
C1276Ferrari14 Nov
13 Dec
Low-power radio galaxies in the merging cluster A3921
C1286Mueller13 OctAsteriod surface effects and their use as FIR-to-mm calibrators
C1287Longmore15 OctAn ammonia survey of high-mass protostars
C1304Buyle21 Dec-23 Dec
26 Dec
31 Dec-03 Jan
Supermassive black holes and DM holes
C1310Bourke15 Octmm continuum and N2H+1-0 observations of the HH 46 protostar
C1311Kilborn11 Nov
14 Nov
17 Jan
The role of gas in galaxy groups
C1314Launhardt13 Oct
14 Oct
Distribution of angular momentum in binary protostars
C1321Ott30 Sep-05 Oct
08 Oct
Dense molecular gas heated by starbursts and AGNs
C1323Hobbs11 Dec
26 Mar
Forming pulsar flux density standards
C1328Wong10 Oct-12 OctCircumnuclear rings: probes of star formation and galaxy dynamics
C1329Caswell15 OctPolarization of W49B; probing the Galactic magnetic field
C1332Slee13 DecOrbital radio emission from the polar V834 Centauri
C1333Slee30 Sep-02 OctMagnetic fields and coronal emission from CC Eri
C1336Meyer29 Oct-01 NovIntrinsic scatter of the Tully-Fisher relation
C1339Cohen20 Dec
24 Mar
Radio continuum emission from the OH/IR star V1018 Sco
C1340Klamer10 Dec-12 DecCharacterising the properties of high redshift radio galaxies
C1341Koribalski25 Jan-31 Jan
04 Feb-06 Feb
08 Feb-13 Feb
17 Feb-22 Feb
The local volume gas-rich galaxy survey
C1342Willes26 MarMagnetic interactions in double-degenerate binaries
C1345Soria08 Dec-10 DecRadio emission from a ULX in NGC 5408: microblazar or milliquasar?
C1348Smith30 Oct
29 Mar
A search for NH3 in the Homunculus Nebula of Eta Carinae
C1349Myers16 Oct
17 Oct
19 Oct
20 Oct
27 Oct
A survey for radio sources in CBI SZ clusters
C1351Nurnberger08 Oct
09 Oct
Exciting new vistas on the formation of high mass stars
C1352Haverkorn05 Feb-08 FebHigh dynamic range polarimetric imaging for the SGPS
C1355Rakowski18 DecG337.2-0.7: an asymmetric type Ia supernova remnant?
C1356Wilcots03 Nov
14 Dec
18 Dec
HI observations of the ISM in IC 5332
C1357Newton-McGee20 Oct
07 Jan
Searching molecular clouds for spinning dust & magnetic fields
C1358Wilcots13 Nov
21 Nov
Tracing the evolution of the gas content of galaxy groups
C1359Thom22 Feb
23 Feb
High resolution spectra of high-velocity cloud sightlines
C1362Urquhart04 Oct
06 Oct-08 Oct
Infall survey of protostellar cores within bright-rimmed clouds
C1363Kanekar05 Oct-07 OctMolecular absorption in a z ~ 0.7645 gravitations lens
C1368McCallum14 MarPolarised emission in Circinus
C1369Pogrebenko24 Nov
14 Jan
Variability check of reference sources in the Huygens field
C1370Buyle20 Dec
23 Dec
The HI content of Fornax Cluster dwarf elliptical galaxies
C1372Ott17 Mar
19 Mar
20 Mar
Ammonia in nearby LIRGs and ULIRGs
C1374Ott19 Mar
20 Mar
Ammonia detection experiment and 12-mm radio continuum in the LMC
C1382Emonts19 Jan-22 JanNeutral hydrogen & the origin of radio galaxies
C1387Lyne01 Dec
17 Dec
14 Jan
09 Feb
27 Feb
23 Mar
29 Mar
Unpulsed transient emission from a massive binary system
C1393Ogley29 MarNew tools for RFI investigation
C1435Frail01 MarRadio afterglow study in the SWIFT era
CX077Kouveliotou/Kulkarni12 Jan
14 Jan
16 Jan
20 Jan
22 Jan-25 Jan
27 Jan
29 Jan
31 Jan
Observations of SGR1806-20
CX078Kouveliotou08 Jan-10 Jan
15 Jan
17 Jan
05 Feb
09 Feb
11 Feb
18 Feb
20 Feb
23 Feb
28 Feb
08 Mar
15 Mar
23 Mar
Observations of SGR1806-20
CX079Kulkarni16 FebObservations of SGR1806-20
VLBILovell15 Nov-21 Nov
09 Mar-14 Mar

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