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Schedule summary for 2005APRT

PI Dates Title
C007Sault08 May
26 May
11 Jul
13 Jul
17 Aug
21 Aug
ATCA calibrators at 3mm
C015Staveley-Smith16 Apr
18 Jun
21 Jun
22 Jun
12 Jul
07 Sep
SNR 1987A
C186White20 JunHigh-spatial resolution observations of Eta Carinae
C266Gelfand25 JunG328.4+0.2: pulsar wind nebula of old supernova remnant?
C989BrocksoppNAPARadio jets in recurrent and new black hole X-ray transients
C996Wright20 Aug
22 Aug
Molecular outflows and disks toward massive young stars
C1000Hunstead08 Apr-10 AprHigh redshift radio galaxies from SUMSS
C1049Ekers10 Sep-01 OctWideband 20 GHz sky survey (AT20G)
C1073Fender06 Apr
17 Jun
Rapid secular evolution of Cir X-1, the most relativistic jet source in the galaxy
C1150BuxtonNAPAJet energetics in low-mass x-ray binaries
C1158Purcell17 JulUnveiling warm ammonia clumps in NGC 3576
C1167White13 Jun
18 Jun
19 Jun
High-resolution millimeter images of the Eta Carinae system
C1173Wright19 Aug
24 Aug-26 Aug
28 Aug
3-mm observations of protoplanetary disks
C1176Hoare03 Jul
20 Aug
Massive YSO disks and class I methanol masers
C1182Nurnberger04 Aug-06 Aug
18 Aug
19 Aug
High angular resolution 3 mm observations of NGC 3603
C1197Staveley-Smith24 Jul-29 Jul
31 Jul
01 Aug
The structure of the Magellanic Stream
C1214Klamer25 Apr-02 MayResolving the molecular gas in a z=5.2 radio galaxy
C1223Ott04 Aug-09 Aug
11 Aug
Molecular gas in the reionization era
C1224Ott26 May
28 Jul-01 Aug
11 Aug
21 Aug
Temperature variations of dense molecular gas in starburst cores
C1227Olofsson01 Jun
23 Aug
Thermal SiO emission as a probe of circumstellar grain formation and dynamics
C1238Serra25 Apr
27 Apr
05 Jun
The evolution of gas-rich early-type galaxies
C1241Middelberg09 Apr-12 Apr
15 Apr
23 Apr
25 Apr
27 Apr
01 May-03 May
02 Jun
09 Jun-11 Jun
20 Jun
25 Jun-27 Jun
Wide-area deep radio observations of SWIRE/APEX fields
C1252Slee08 AprCoherent radio emission from RS CVn binaries
C1267Voronkov03 Sep
05 Sep
Search for 25 GHz methanol masers
C1279Voronkov02 May
18 Aug
A multi-transitional study of the class I methanol masers
C1282Bock11 Jul
13 Jul
Millimetre-wave spectra of pulsar wind nebulae
C1287Longmore25 Aug
26 Aug
28 Aug
Ammonia survey of high-mass protostars
C1303LundqvistNAPAProbing the radio emission from a young Type 1a supernova
C1310Bourke27 May
28 May
09 Aug-11 Aug
14 Aug
Tracing the evolution of low mass protostars
C1313Manchester16 Apr
17 Apr
SNR associations with Parkes multibeam pulsars
C1314Launhardt26 May
29 May
12 Aug
13 Aug
Distribution of angular momentum in binary protostars
C1321Ott20 May-23 May
25 May
07 Jul-09 Jul
28 Jul
29 Jul
Dense molecular gas heated by starbursts and AGNs
C1322Ott03 Aug-08 Aug
10 Aug
12 Aug
Ammonia survey of the Galactic Center Region
C1328Wong07 May
09 May
15 Jul
30 Jul
02 Sep
Circumnuclear rings as probes of star formation
C1329Caswell24 May
10 Jul
22 Aug
Polarization of W49B; probing the Galactic magnetic field
C1339Chapman21 JunRadio continuum emission from the OH/IR star V1018 Sco
C1341Koribalski02 Jun-04 Jun
06 Jun-09 Jun
14 Jun
09 Jul-11 Jul
14 Jul
16 Jul-18 Jul
10 Aug
13 Aug
15 Aug
The Local Volume HI Galaxy Survey (LVHIS)
C1343Koribalski21 AugA new member of the Orion group: HIZOA J0630+08
C1348Brooks21 JulA search for NH3 in the Homunculus Nebula of Eta Carinae
C1354Cimo01 Sep-07 SepChanges in the IDV behaviour: source-intrinsic or due to the ISM?
C1357Newton-McGee06 Jul
10 Jul
27 Aug
Searching for spinning dust in the interstellar medium
C1381Henkel09 May-11 May
22 Jul-27 Jul
A molecular line survey of NGC 4945
C1384Jones04 JulHCN jets from comet 9P/Tempel 1 after deep impact collision
C1387Lyne30 Mar
04 Apr
12 Apr
19 Apr
26 Apr
01 May
08 May
15 May
20 May
28 May
05 Jun
10 Jun
21 Jun
24 Jun
07 Jul
17 Jul
25 Jul
09 Aug
23 Aug
09 Sep
22 Sep
Unpulsed transient emission from a massive binary system
C1390Brooks20 Jul-22 Jul
29 Aug-31 Aug
3-mm observations towards the IRAS 16547-4247 radio jet
C1392Sadler01 Jul-03 JulThe radio-source population at 100GHz
C1394Klamer16 Apr
29 Apr
30 Apr
10 May-12 May
11 Jun-13 Jun
Characterising the ultra-steep spectrum radio galaxy population
C1395Gaensler02 Apr
17 Apr
18 Apr
23 Jun
24 Jun
Parsec scale turbulence in the Large Magellanic Cloud
C1401Walsh03 MayThe chemical signatures of high mass star formation: 12mm
C1402Walsh04 SepThe chemical signatures of high mass star formation: 3mm
C1403Friesen05 May-07 MayNH3 mapping of star forming cores in Ophiuchus
C1404Friesen12 Jul-16 JulN2H+ observations of the Ophiuchus B Core
C1408Benaglia26 Jun
27 Jun
Testing the mass loss bi-stability jump with ATCA
C1411Leinert14 Aug
17 Aug
The circumstellar disks of VV CrA
C1412Green05 AprThe shell source G313.3+00.3 - an unusual PN or a young SNR?
C1414Oosterloo12 Apr
14 Apr
22 Apr
The nature of the inner gas disk of Centaurus A
C1422Ellis21 Jul-23 Jul
26 Jul
A massive, high red-shift cluster of galaxies in the process of formation
C1423Muller28 MayA new study of HVC continuum absorption: dedicated measurements of the HIPASS HVCs
C1424Ghosh03 Apr-07 AprProbing the radio nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources
C1425Lenc28 Jun
29 Jun
ATCA 4.8, 8.6 and 18GHz follow up observations of candidate radio jet interactions
C1428Curran29 Aug
30 Aug
03 Sep
05 Sep
Millimetre-wave molecular absorption in red gravitational lenses
C1431Balasubrahmanyan22 Jun
23 Jun
Making a PN. A 12mm study of a rare, rapidly evolving planetary nebula
C1432Bouchard04 Jul
05 Jul
20 Aug
29 Aug
31 Aug
01 Sep
03 Sep
05 Sep
ISM distribution in low MHI/LB galaxies
C1434Walsh31 May
10 Jun-12 Jun
Mapping the physical properties of non-star-forming cores
C1435FrailNAPARadio afterglow studies in the Swift era
C1436Zinnecker31 Jul
23 Aug
Circumstellar environment of young stellar objects in the Gum Nebula
C1442Newton-McGee23 Apr
24 Apr
03 Jun
05 Jun
Measuring Faraday rotation in Molecular clouds
C1448Godfrey21 Aug3mm imaging of PKS 1421-490: A unique X-ray bright jet
C1450Bains01 Apr
04 Apr
Observing the onset of ionised winds in post-AGB stars
C1452Carpenter29 Aug-02 SepThe circumstellar disk around PDS 66
CX078Kouveliotou07 AprObservations of SGR 1806-20
VLBILovell12 May-20 MayVLBI

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