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Schedule summary for 2005OCT

PI Dates Title
C015Staveley-Smith11 Nov
07 Dec
03 Jan
22 Mar
28 Mar
29 Mar
SNR 1987A
C428Francis12 Dec-15 DecRadio/infrared correlation at Redshift 2.38
C512Bourke08 DecIonized gas in the Compact HII region RCW38
C989BrocksoppNAPARadio jets in recurrent and new black hole X-ray transients
C1012Chapman14 Jan
15 Jan
Summer Vacation Program 2005/2006
C1033Dodson20 Nov
28 Dec
Imaging the PSR1706-44 PWN
C1049Ekers01 Oct-04 Oct
27 Oct-01 Nov
12 Nov-16 Nov
Wideband 20 GHz sky survey (AT20G) follow-up
C1073Fender27 Dec
22 Mar
Ongoing secular evolution of the galaxy's most relativistic jet source
C1112Brooks27 Nov
29 Nov
The ionized content of massive star-forming regions
C1167White23 AprHigh-resolution millimeter images of the Eta Carinae system
C1207McIntyre19 Feb
22 Feb-26 Feb
01 Mar-05 Mar
A 4.8 and 8.6-GHz survey of the SMC
C1214Klamer13 Oct
14 Oct
21 Oct-24 Oct
26 Oct
06 Nov-08 Nov
Cool molecular gas in z > 3 radio galaxies
C1241Middelberg06 Dec
23 Mar
24 Mar
27 Mar
Wide-area deep radio observations of SWIRE fields
C1257Kanekar22 Dec
24 Dec-28 Dec
A search for OH megamasers in ultra-luminous infrared galaxies
C1260Benaglia29 MarThe origin of massive stars
C1274Nielbock19 Oct
20 Oct
The multiplicity of protostars
C1303LundqvistNAPAProbing the radio emission from a young Type 1a supernova
C1312Possenti13 Dec
14 Dec
Orbital mapping of the continuum flux from the double pulsar PSR J0737-3039A/B
C1313Manchester25 NovSNR associations with Parkes multibeam pulsars
C1341Koribalski06 Oct-09 Oct
18 Nov-20 Nov
23 Nov
24 Nov
27 Nov
30 Nov
28 Jan
30 Jan-03 Feb
05 Feb
17 Feb
21 Feb-05 Mar
08 Mar
The local volume HI survey (LVHIS)
C1365Buyle30 Nov-04 DecThe faint end of the TF relation
C1366Kedziora-Chudczer30 Dec-02 JanObservations of the unique rapid scintillator PKS 1257-326
C1370Buyle10 Feb-13 FebThe HI content of Fornax Cluster dwarf elliptical galaxies
C1388Wong10 Oct
11 Oct
14 Oct
15 Oct
Imaging the dense gas associated with molecular outflows in Chamaeleon
C1398Blomme26 Mar-28 MarB-supergiant mass-loss rates, wind ionization and clumping
C1400Mookerjea23 Oct
24 Oct
NH3 mapping study of RCW 106 complex
C1407Beuther18 Nov
19 Nov
Hot molecular gass in the massive twin cores NGC6334I & I(N)
C1413Umana09 DecSearch for very young planetary nebulae
C1442Newton-McGee16 Nov
17 Nov
24 Jan
25 Jan
Studying magnetic fields in HII regions with Faraday rotation
C1443Newton-McGee17 Nov
16 Dec
17 Dec
24 Jan
Probing magnetic field structure in NGC 1310 & the Ant
C1446Kilborn25 Jan-28 JanHI clouds in galaxy groups
C1455Papadopoulos15 Oct-20 OctMolecular gas in distant red galaxies: CO 3-2 at z=2.58
C1457Gaensler07 Dec
03 Jan
The late-time evolution of the radio afterglow of SGR 1806-20
C1458Maccarone29 Dec-02 JanSimultaneous radio/X-ray monitoring of bright X-ray sources in NGC 253
C1459Gaensler11 Nov
28 Nov
29 Dec
04 Jan
21 Jan
Radio imaging of two X-ray identified pulsar wind nebula candidates
C1460Cerrigone24 Nov
11 Dec
Comparing infrared and radio properties of planetary nebulae
C1461Parise16 Oct
17 Oct
Deuteration of methanol in IRAS162932422
C1462Cohen30 Mar
31 Mar
Accurate positions of methanol masers from the MMB survey
C1464Henkel16 Feb
18 Feb
19 Feb
A 5 and 6 cm OH survey of megamaser galaxies
C1465Ramsay27 Feb
28 Feb
18 Mar
19 Mar
Magnetic interaction between Gliese 876 and its innermost super-terrestrial planet
C1466Voronkov16 Dec-18 Dec
26 Mar
27 Mar
Search for 9.9 GHz methanol masers
C1468Romani22 Dec-24 DecGLAST blazars: completing the southern radio IDs
C1469Dickey12 Jan
13 Jan
11 Feb
12 Feb
Ammonia mapping of infrared dark clouds - mosaics
C1470Ford06 Jan-09 Jan
13 Feb-16 Feb
Determining the detailed structure of HI cloudlets
C1471Lenc25 Mar
26 Mar
ATCA 12mm follow-up observations of compact radio sources in local starbursts
C1472Brooks07 Nov
08 Nov
A search for ammonia towards the Keyhole nebula
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of core-collapse supernovae
C1474Jones03 Dec
04 Dec
Synchrotron radiation from secondary e-/e+ in molecular clouds
C1475Gallo22 Dec
26 Dec
27 Dec
Testing the unified model for black hole X-ray binary jets
C1476Brooks29 Jan
30 Jan
01 Feb
02 Feb
Hot ammonia towards 18 massive star-forming regions
C1477Miyazaki18 OctSearching for intraday variability in Sagittarius A* at 3-mm
C1478Sadler21 Dec
22 Dec
The ages and lifetimes of radio galaxies
C1480Meyer26 Nov
27 Nov
20 Dec
Measuring the local star formation rate with SINGG Galaxies
C1481Haverkorn13 Jan
16 Jan
17 Jan
20 Jan-22 Jan
17 Feb
18 Feb
19 Mar
Magnetic field strength and structure in the Vela SNR
C1482McDonnell03 Feb
04 Feb
A search for 6049 MHz OH masers in supernova remnants
C1483Hughes16 Jan
04 Feb
10 Feb
A study of the neutral gas in Ara OB1
C1484Patience07 Oct-09 OctATCA observations of disks in infrared companion systems
C1485Kepley05 Jan
06 Jan
26 Jan
27 Jan
Magnetic fields in dwarf irregular galaxies
C1486Schreyer21 Oct
22 Oct
Chasing the disk of GQ Lupi A, b
C1487Dettmar28 Nov
29 Nov
08 Dec-11 Dec
15 Jan
17 Jan
22 Jan
23 Jan
Cosmic ray propagation and magnetic fields in galactic halos
C1490Pisano07 Jan-09 JanSearching for M31 high-velocity cloud analogs around NGC2997
C1491Macquart12 DecA sensitive test for diffractive scintillation in two IDV quasars
C1493Caswell08 DecPolarization calibration for OH masers
C1496Voronkov12 Jan
14 Feb
15 Feb
Class I methanol masers in NGC3603
C1497Emonts10 Oct
11 Oct
HI observations to trace the merger-origin of PKS0131-36
VLBILovell01 Nov-06 Nov
09 Mar-17 Mar
23 Mar

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