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April 2006 semester Compact Array Swap Notes

Full schedules for the Compact Array are available at

The following table lists the Compact Array proposals which have been allocated 'swap partners' for April 2006 semester. The document ``Flexible scheduling at the ATCA'' more fully describes swaps and their purpose. The document ``3mm weather - predictions and 2002 review'' gives background and a analyses data that attempts to address the usefulness of the swap scheme.

mm Date mm Project Number cm Date cm Project Number Notes
20 Apr C1526(Keto) 21 Apr C337(Gaensler)  
23 Apr C1575(Schoeier) 24 Apr Directors Time  
23 Apr C1167(White) 25 Apr C1557(Protheroe)  
18-21 May C1455(Papadopoulos) 22,25 May Directors Time  
26-29 May C1530(Papadopoulos) 30,31 May C1543(Muller)  
28-30 Jul C1328(Wong) 31 Jul Directors Time  
4,5 Aug C1455(Papadopoulos) 6 Aug Directors Time  
6-9 Sep C1488(Muller) 10-14 Sep C1197(Staveley-Smith)  
7-12 Sep C1544(Ott) 13,14 Sep Directors Time  
7-9 Sep C1390(Brooks) 10-11 Sep C1341(Koribalski)  
12,13 Sep C1553(De Buizer) 14 Sep C1341(Koribalski)  
16-18 Sep C1392(Sadler) 19-22 Sep C1197(Staveley-Smith)  
22,23 Sep C1565(Henkel) 25 Sep C1341(Koribalski) See below
24 Sep C1579(Menten) 25 Sep C1341(Koribalski) Priority over this swap

Original: Bob Sault (21-Feb-2006)
Modified: Robin Wark (07-Mar-2006)