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Schedule summary for 2006APR

PI Dates Title
C007Sault22 Apr
24 Apr
02 Aug
23 Sep
24 Sep
ATCA calibrators at 3mm
C015Staveley-Smith28 Mar
29 Mar
13 Apr
03 Jun
17 Jul-19 Jul
23 Aug
SNR 1987A
C186White07 JunHigh-Spatial-Resolution Images of Eta Carinae
C337Gaensler21 Apr
04 Jun
25 Jun
08 Jul
Expansion of the Young Oxygen Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8
C989BrocksoppNAPARadio Jets in Recurrent and New Black Hole X-ray Transients
C1000Bryant14 Apr-17 AprHigh redshift radio galaxies from SUMSS
C1049Ekers29 Apr-03 May
19 Jun-23 Jun
17 Aug-22 Aug
24 Aug-04 Sep
AT 20 GHz sky survey (AT20G)
C1093Urquhart24 Apr
12 Jul
Bright-rimmed clouds: tracing their ionised rims
C1167White23 Apr
06 Jun
13 Jun
High-Resolution Millimeter Images of the Eta Carinae System
C1185McConnell19 Sep-21 SepSynthesis Workshop 2006
C1197Staveley-Smith10 Sep-15 Sep
19 Sep-22 Sep
The Structure of the Magellanic Stream
C1241Middelberg27 MarWide-area deep radio observations of SWIRE fields
C1260Benaglia29 MarThe origin of massive stars
C1303LundqvistNAPAProbing the radio emission from a young Type Ia supernova
C1328Wong28 Jul-30 Jul
23 Sep
Circumnuclear Rings: Probes of Star Formation and Galaxy Dynamics
C1341Koribalski06 May
11 May
14 Jun-18 Jun
01 Jul-04 Jul
08 Jul
11 Jul
12 Jul
10 Sep
11 Sep
14 Sep
20 Sep
25 Sep
28 Sep
The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)
C1366Bignall09 Aug-11 AugMicroarcsecond-scale evolution of PKS 1257-326
C1390Brooks07 May
10 May
11 May
27 Jul-29 Jul
07 Sep-09 Sep
3-mm observations towards the IRAS 16547-4247 radio jet
C1392Sadler16 Sep-18 SepThe radio-source population at 100 GHz
C1398Blomme27 Mar
28 Mar
B-supergiant mass-loss rates, wind ionization and clumping
C1402Walsh05 MayThe Chemical Signatures of High Mass Star Formation
C1455Papadopoulos18 May-21 May
04 Aug
05 Aug
Molecular gas in Distant Red Galaxies
C1462Cohen30 Mar-02 AprAccurate Positions for Methanol Masers from the MMB Survey
C1463Xu13 AprDetermine absolute positions of 6.7 GHz methanol masers
C1466Voronkov27 MarSearch for 9.9 GHz methanol masers
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1475GalloNAPATesting the unified model for X-ray binary jets
C1477Miyazaki09 Jun
10 Jun
12 Aug
13 Aug
Monitoring IDV in Sgr A* with the ATCA at its shortest wavelength 3-mm
C1488Muller06 Sep-09 SepProbes of Dense molecular gas in extreme metallicity environments
C1522Macquart24 May-31 MayMeasuring Sgr A*'s Intra-Day Variability at 3mm Using Galactic Centre SiO Masers
C1524LaRosa02 Jun
14 Jul
Polarization of Candidate Galactic Center Radio Filaments
C1526Keto20 AprThe formation of bound clusters in starbursts
C1528Gaensler23 Jun
24 Jun
26 Jun
30 Jun-05 Jul
Unravelling The High-Latitude Magnetic Field of the Milky Way
C1530Papadopoulos01 Apr
02 Apr
26 May-29 May
10 Jun
11 Jun
Dressing a "naked" QSO
C1532Fender03 Apr
29 Apr
12 May
31 May
14 Jun
29 Jun
08 Jul
24 Jul
09 Aug
22 Aug
05 Sep
15 Sep
Testing black hole unification: simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of NGC 7213
C1535Fluke03 Jun
06 Jun
16 Jul
18 Jul
A pilot search for weak gravitational lensing by rich galaxy clusters at 12mm
C1536Beuther21 May
22 May
Dust and dense-gas emission in the massive twin cores NGC6334I and I(N)
C1537Morganti19 Jul-23 JulThe dominant heating mechanism for the dust in powerful AGN
C1538Rea10 AprSearching For Radio Structures Around Magnetars
C1540Murphy16 Sep-18 SepCompact HII regions and ionisation of the ISM
C1543Muller30 May
31 May
Sensitive HI Spectra Through the Arms of the SMC
C1544Ott07 Sep-12 SepDense Gas in the LMC: Wide-Field Mosaicing of the Giant Star Forming Region N159
C1545Begum01 Aug
02 Aug
24 Sep
25 Sep
A search for low column density gas surrounding a candidate ``blow out'' Dwarf Galaxy
C1548Keto17 AprConfirmation of Spitzer Massive Star Disks
C1549Horiuchi12 Apr
13 Apr
05 Jun
06 Jun
15 Jul
16 Jul
A search for parsec-scale jet precession in BL Lac objects with the ATCA
C1553De Buizer12 Sep
13 Sep
Mapping Outflows in SiO (2-1) from Young Massive Stars with Linearly Distributed Methanol Masers
C1554Tarchi14 Apr-16 AprWater maser in the starburst galaxy NGC3620: disk or nuclear maser?
C1555Broderick31 MarHigh resolution polarimetric imaging of PKS 0529-549: A pilot study at 12 mm
C1557Protheroe25 Apr
07 Jul
Unidentified HESS TeV gamma-ray sources: a new galactic population?
C1559Migliari05 Jul
23 Jul
08 Aug
Simultaneous radio/X-ray observations of the neutron star X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 at low X-ray luminosity
C1560Henkel11 Apr
11 May
26 Jun
The SiS Maser in the Late Type Carbon Star IRC+10216
C1563Walsh07 Apr-10 AprDark energy from clusters: ATCA preliminaries
C1564Kern11 Jun
12 Jun
09 Jul
10 Jul
A Closer Look Into Galaxy Groups
C1565Henkel19 May
20 May
31 Jul
01 Aug
22 Sep
23 Sep
The Nuclear Disk in Cen A
C1566Friesen05 Aug
06 Aug
Contrasting the chemical and physical evolution of isolated and clustered pre-protostellar cores
C1567GreenhillNAPARadio Frequency Monitoring of Millisecond X-ray pulsars Following a Thermonuclear X-ray Burst
C1568Smith06 May
07 May
Dynamics of Molecular Outflows from Young Stars
C1574Kedziora-Chudczer30 Mar
07 May
15 Jun-19 Jun
15 Jul
12 Aug
13 Aug
29 Sep
The Microarcsecond Structure and Evolution of PKS 0405-385
C1575Schoeier22 Apr
23 Apr
28 Apr
29 Apr
Oxygen chemistry in carbon stars and S-stars
C1577Lopez-Sanchez30 Jun
09 Jul
H I observations of two starburst galaxies in probable interaction
C1579Menten17 May
30 Jul
24 Sep
The identification of interstellar aminoacetonitrile
C1580Bains06 Apr-09 AprImaging the HII Regions in the G333 Cloud
C1581Tarchi29 JunA search for water maser emision in Centaurus A: the nearest active radio galaxy.
C1583Bains03 May
04 May
29 Sep
30 Sep
High Resolution Imaging of Bipolar Molecular Outflows in the G333 Cloud
C1587Linz02 Aug-04 AugThe earliest stages of massive star formation - Exploiting the ATCA-Spitzer synergy
C1588Wyrowski18 MayZooming into the remarkable southern hot core G327.3-0.6 and its environs
CX113Camilo07 Jun
VLBILovell12 May-17 May
23 Aug
24 Aug

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