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Schedule summary for 2006OCT

PI Dates Title
C007Dahlem06 Oct
C015Staveley-Smith13 Nov
08 Dec
10 Dec
11 Dec
30 Jan
15 Feb
SNR 1987A
C865Walsh27 Oct
18 Mar
Radio Continuum Emission from Methanol Maser Sites
C989BrocksoppNAPARadio Jets in Recurrent and New Black Hole X-ray Transients
C1049Ekers14 Oct-18 Oct
09 Nov-13 Nov
AT 20 GHz (AT20G) follow-up
C1155Vaughan28 Oct
29 Oct
10 Jan
15 Jan
17 Jan-19 Jan
23 Jan
24 Jan
26 Jan
27 Jan
Radio Fluxes of a Significant Sample of Newly Discovered Planetary Nebulae
C1173Maddison11 Oct-13 OctCentimetre Observations of Protoplanetary Disks
C1199Corbel05 Nov
04 Feb
05 Feb
Large scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars
C1261Subrahmanyan29 Nov
30 Nov
10 Feb
11 Feb
The low-surface-brightness radio source population
C1303LundqvistNAPAProbing the radio emission from a young Type Ia supernova
C1341Koribalski08 Oct
07 Nov
08 Nov
20 Nov
22 Nov-24 Nov
12 Jan
15 Jan-17 Jan
19 Jan-22 Jan
24 Jan
31 Jan
01 Feb
03 Feb
The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS)
C1462Cohen03 Dec-06 Dec
06 Feb
08 Feb
Accurate Positions for Methanol Masers from the MMB Survey
C1474Jones18 Dec
15 Mar
Synchrotron from Sagittarius B
C1531Gelfand26 Oct
22 Nov
16 Dec
The Formation of Magnetars: Radio Imaging of SNR candidate G327.2-0.1
C1532Fender04 Oct
24 Oct
05 Nov
24 Nov
03 Dec
17 Dec
29 Dec
14 Jan
02 Feb
21 Feb
07 Mar
14 Mar
Testing black hole unification: simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of NGC 7213
C1557Reinfrank21 Oct-25 Oct
13 Mar
16 Mar
17 Mar
Unidentified HESS TeV gamma-ray sources: a new Galactic population?
C1563Walsh07 NovDark energy from clusters: ATCA preliminaries
C1574Kedziora-Chudczer02 Nov
18 Dec
20 Jan
21 Jan
04 Feb
16 Mar
The Annual Cycle of Variability Timescale and Structural Evolution of PKS 0405-385
C1577Lopez-Sanchez28 Jan
30 Jan
H I observations of the starburst galaxy Tol 9 within the Klemola 13 group
C1590Hieret02 Oct
03 Oct
High Resolution Observations of Hot Cores
C1603Vlemmings30 NovMagnetic fields during post-AGB evolution
C1604Payne28 Oct
29 Oct
01 Dec
Radio-continuum study of PNe within the MCs: case study of LMC PN RP 105 (LMC J054044-702803)
C1606Muller13 Jan
14 Jan
Summer Vacation Program 2006/2007
C1607Muller02 Dec
04 Dec-07 Dec
09 Dec
17 Dec
18 Dec
Zooming into the Turbulent ISM of the SMC
C1608Kilborn04 Oct
05 Oct
12 Oct
13 Oct
21 Nov
Gaseous Tidal Debris in the NGC 3783 Group?
C1609Chen08 Jan3cm Snapshots on 4 Unidentified WMAP Point Sources
C1610Chapman08 Dec-11 DecImaging Radio Continuum Emission in Post-AGB Stars
C1612Chengalur02 Oct-07 OctDiffuse gas surrounding galaxy disks
C1616Benaglia03 DecA direct imaging search for clumps in the stellar wind of Gamma Vel
C1617Young10 Oct
11 Oct
4U 1705-44: Jet emission from a neutron star binary
C1618Audard21 Nov
22 Nov
The ATCA/Suzaku multi-wavelength campaign of AB Doradus
C1619Dougherty07 DecSearch for maser emission in Westerlund 1
C1620Dahlem20 Oct
21 Oct
25 Oct-27 Oct
03 Nov
15 Dec-17 Dec
11 Jan
16 Jan
15 Mar
HI observations of a complete sample of Southern Compact Groups of galaxies
C1621Norris19 Dec-07 Jan
12 Jan
14 Jan
22 Jan
23 Jan
25 Jan
26 Jan
23 Feb-13 Mar
A deep 13 cm survey of the ATLAS fields
C1622Soria06 Feb
09 Feb
12 Feb
Radio counterpart of an ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC1313
C1624Klamer20 Dec-07 Jan
22 Feb-12 Mar
A long overdue synthesis image of Centaurus A
C1625Roy01 Dec
02 Dec
Measuring magnetic fields in the neutral ISM
C1626Kanekar02 Oct
10 Oct
11 Oct
A search for CO emission from a $z \sim 2.4$ damped Lyman-$\alpha$ system
C1628Webster21 Feb
22 Feb
Star Formation:
C1629de Blok22 Oct
23 Oct
04 Nov
08 Nov
24 Nov-26 Nov
12 Jan
02 Feb
09 Feb-18 Feb
14 Mar
17 Mar
18 Mar
THINGS-South: Extending The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey
C1633Burke01 Oct
02 Oct
Integrated 20GHz Fluxes and Polarization of Bright AT20G Sources
C1635Matthews07 Feb
08 Feb
Search for cool gas in the Magellanic Stream
C1637Ekers04 Nov
05 Nov
Radio Cerenkov Emission from UHE neutrinos
VLBILovell13 Nov-20 Nov
27 Jan
28 Jan
19 Mar-26 Mar

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