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ATCA Release notes for 2012OCT

CABB modes: The 2012APR semester will commence with the "standard" CABB 1MHz continuum mode available, and with up to 16 zoom bands per IF available in the 1M-0.5k mode. The 64MHz CABB mode currently provides 32 channels of 64MHz bandwidth, and as of September 2012 provides up to 16 zoom bands (each having 2048 channels across it) in each IF. CABB mode changes are mostly routine, except for changes to the 1MHz zoom mode and 64 MHz multi-zoom mode, both of which require approximately one hour: this mode change is done by local staff or suitably trained others.

Array Configurations: As noted in the call for proposals, arrays are only scheduled if (after TAC consideration and grading) there is sufficient demand for them. All arrays offered in the call for proposals have been scheduled in 2012OCT.

Receivers: Work has commenced on the 6cm/3cm ("C/X") upgrade, which will provide coverage over the range from 4.0 to about 10.8 GHz and thus fill the gap between the existing 6cm and 3cm bands. The first prototype receiver was installed on CA02 in November 2011, and the first production receiver was installed in CA01 in August 2012. The next upgraded receiver is likely to be installed late in the 2012APR semester, with the roll-out of upgraded receivers continuing in the 2012OCT semester.

Daylight Saving: Daylight Saving will begin again in New South Wales on Sunday October 7th at 2:00am, when clocks will be put forward one hour. Daylight saving in New South Wales ends at 3:00am Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday in April, when clocks will be put back one hour. The observing schedule is in AEST. During the daylight saving period, local "clock time" is one hour ahead of AEST, so 7am AEST is 8am daylight saving time.

Public Holidays: Monday October 1st is a public holiday in New South Wales (Labour Day). Tuesday December 25th (Christmas Day) and Wednesday December 26th (Boxing Day) are public holidays, and Thursday December 27th is a public service holiday (which includes all CSIRO staff). Tuesday January 1st is the New Year's Day public holiday. Monday January 28th is a public holiday for Australia Day (which falls on Saturday 26th). The Easter long weekend runs from Friday March 29th to Monday April 1st: Good Friday (March 29th) and Easter Monday (April 1st) are public holidays.

Version History: Version 1 of the schedule was released on 3 September 2012. Version 2 of the schedule was released on 22 October 2012. Version 3 of the schedule was released on 18 December 2012. These release notes were revised on 18 December 2012.

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