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Schedule summary for 2013OCT

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens04 Oct
26 Nov
27 Nov
19 Jan
02 Feb
25 Mar
26 Mar
ATCA Calibrators
C015Staveley-Smith09 Nov
04 Feb
Supernova Remnant 1987A
C989CoriatNAPARadio Jets in Recurrent and New Black Hole X-ray Transients
C1199Corbel26 Oct
27 Oct
18 Jan
17 Feb
Large scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars
C1462Green10 Feb
11 Feb
16 Mar
Completing the catalogue of accurate positions of methanol masers from the Methanol Multibeam Survey
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1726Johnston13 Jan
14 Jan
ATNF Summer Vacation Programme 2013/14
C1730Edwards10 Nov
29 Nov
11 Dec
05 Feb
27 Mar
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1929Voronkov16 Oct
12 Nov
28 Nov
08 Dec
30 Dec
13 Jan
27 Jan
21 Feb
15 Mar
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C1973Agliozzo14 Feb-16 FebRadio detection of Luminous Blue Variable nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds
C2034Birkinshaw30 Oct
02 Feb
PKS B2152-699: jet deflection and boosted X-ray emission
C2051Corbel18 Dec
ATCA follow-up of unidentified flaring Fermi gamma-ray sources
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2515Umana25 Feb-01 MarStellar radio emission in the SKA era: the SCORPIO project
C2538Miller-JonesNAPAConstraining black hole formation with triggered LBA astrometry
C2573Reeves12 NovA search for HI absorption in gas-rich galaxies from HIPASS
C2601Miller-JonesNAPAJet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
C2666Hill07 Mar
08 Mar
Disruption of a magnetised high velocity cloud
C2669Norris28 NovAre diffuse sources responsible for the ARCADE excess emission?
C2689HancockNAPAATCA observations of the Brightest and Highest redshift GRBs
C2707HancockNAPAThe GRB-SNe central engines as revealed by relativistic SNe
C2738AsakiNAPAFirst phase observations of the enormous flare due to vast mass infall onto the Sgr A* black hole
C2745Hodgson05 Oct
06 Oct
21 Dec
22 Dec
Micro-arcsecond structure in blazar PKS 1257-326
C2758Denes23 Jan
25 Jan
26 Jan
28 Jan
29 Jan
HI deficient galaxies in low and intermediate density environments
C2771Koribalski15 Nov-17 NovWhat's the matter with NGC253's outer disk and halo?
C2773Johanson13 NovA Search for 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers Toward YSO Candidates in the LMC
C2787Behar01 Oct
17 Oct
28 Mar
29 Mar
Millimeter Observations of Radio-Quiet AGN Accretion Disks
C2788Tothill06 Feb
07 Feb
11 Feb
The ATCA-SPT Survey of Southern Extragalactic Sky
C2797Jordan17 JanAccurate maser positions for MALT-45
C2798Ellingsen07 NovMeasuring the proper motions of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
C2830Gelfand06 DecRadio Emission from SWIFT J0003.3-5254: Relic of Particle Acceleration in a Merging Galaxy Cluster?
C2836Trigilio14 Feb
15 Feb
Is alpha Centauri revealed by the new generation of radio telescopes?
C2852Wilcots05 Jan
06 Jan
09 Jan-12 Jan
The HI Content of the Antlia Cluster: The Fate of Gas in Cluster Assembly
C2857Fukuda29 Nov
12 Mar
Detailed 21cm observations towards the non-thermal X-ray supernova SN 1006
C2869Ott18 Oct
15 Nov
10 Dec
13 Dec
07 Jan
03 Feb
Monitoring the New Nuclear Water Maser in Centaurus A
C2872Walsh24 Oct-29 OctSPLASH: Accurate OH maser positions
C2874Sun30 MarMagnetic fields in nearby spirals
C2875Ravi22 OctA deep search for persistent, aperiodic radio emission from pulsars
C2877Strader08 Nov-12 Nov
05 Feb
06 Feb
08 Feb
09 Feb
The ATCA Survey for Black Holes in Southern Globular Clusters
C2878Staveley-Smith15 Mar
17 Mar
A Search for Fine-Structure Lines from Galactic HII Regions
C2879Chen26 Mar
29 Mar
First search for Class I methanol magamasers
C2880Lagrange07 Feb-10 FebThe origin of the ?? Pictoris stable gas
C2881Shakouri13 NovInvestigating the Wideband Variability of the Circularly Polarized Source: PMNM 212554.5-510530
C2883Motogi01 Nov-03 NovHigh-sensitivity survey of a pole-on disk-jet system around high mass YSOs
C2885Emonts01 Oct-05 Oct
10 Oct
The nature of cold molecular halo gas in a z=2 proto-cluster radio galaxy
C2886Williams12 Oct-16 Oct
20 Mar-23 Mar
Using Faraday rotation measure to study the formation of galactic-scale coherent magnetic fields
C2887Alves14 Mar
16 Mar
The magnetic field in the Musca dark cloud
C2888Possenti31 JanInvestigating the unique LMXB XSS J12270-4859
C2891Banfield23 Oct
16 Nov
14 Dec
31 Jan
24 Mar
Mapping the intracluster medium of Abell 3627
C2892Aravena23 Oct-29 Oct
31 Oct-03 Nov
07 Nov
08 Nov
17 Jan-19 Jan
Resolved CO imaging in two unique gravitationally lensed galaxies at z > 2
C2893Allison18 Oct
19 Oct
11 Feb-13 Feb
The relationship between H2O megamaser emission and HI absorption in active galaxies
C2894Serra11 Dec-07 JanAn ATCA HI survey of Fornax
C2895Carretti30 Nov
01 Dec
07 Dec
08 Dec
24 Jan-26 Jan
Fermi Bubble-like structures in external galaxies
C2896Ng09 Dec
24 Jan
J1549: The First Infrared Pulsar Wind Bow Shock?
C2897HancockNAPAATCA observations of MWA transients and variables
C2898Bignall20 Oct
17 Nov
27 Nov
09 Dec
20 Dec
01 Feb
24 Feb
27 Feb-01 Mar
08 Mar
12 Mar
22 Mar
26 Mar
ATCA monitoring in support of RadioAstron-LBA observations of high brightness temperature AGN
C2900Wong17 Oct
10 Dec
15 Jan
Triggered star formation & feedback in the ring galaxy, NGC 922
C2901Sano29 JanResolving shocked HI toward the SNR RX J1713.7-3946
C2902SivakoffNAPARapid Classification and Monitoring of Transient X-ray Binaries in Galactic Globular Clusters
C2904Tanna05 FebA record breaking sightline: Five DLA-strength 21 cm absorbers towards the quasar MG J0414+0534
C2905Dunne06 Oct-09 Oct
19 Oct
20 Oct
Redshift detection of the most distant lensed starbursts
C2906Ellingsen31 Oct
16 Jan
Radio continuum emission from the youngest high-mass star formation regions
C2907Takekoshi11 Oct
11 Nov
CO and continuum observations toward a strongly-lensed Submillimeter galaxy behind the Small Magellanic Cloud
C2908Fujii27 JanDense Molecular Clump Formation in the Collisional Region of the LMC Supergiant Shells
C2909Tamura07 Oct-10 OctATCA Identification of an Extremely-Red Starburst Galaxy beyond a Rich Cluster Abell S0592
C2910Taniguchi10 Oct-12 OctRedshift Search of a z~5 Ultra-bright Starburst Galaxy
CX284Piro13 Feb
VLBITzioumis18 Nov-26 Nov
16 Dec
29 Dec
19 Jan
13 Feb
21 Feb-23 Feb
02 Mar
03 Mar
09 Mar-11 Mar
17 Mar-19 Mar
27 Mar

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