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Schedule summary for 2014APR

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens09 Apr
10 Apr
24 Jun
08 Jul
09 Jul
21 Aug
22 Aug
30 Sep
ATCA Calibrators
C015Staveley-Smith17 Apr
18 Apr
28 Aug
Supernova Remnant 1987A
C184Ryder14 Sep
29 Sep
The 1978 Supernova in NGC 1313
C326Johnston15 Apr
30 Apr
21 May
22 May
05 Jun
Unpulsed Transient Emission from the PSR B1259--63 System
C989CoriatNAPARadio Jets in Recurrent and New Black Hole X-ray Transients
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1730Edwards07 Apr
22 Apr
16 May
10 Jun
19 Jun
21 Jul
14 Sep
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1794van der Plas30 Aug
31 Aug
Observing planet formation in the disk around HD97048
C1825Eckart01 Apr
02 Apr
07 Jun
26 Sep
27 Sep
Monitoring the effect of a dust source flying by SgrA* in 2014
C1929Voronkov05 Apr
25 Apr
16 May
25 May
15 Jun
01 Jul
22 Jul
15 Aug
22 Aug
01 Sep
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C2051CorbelNAPAATCA follow-up of unidentified flaring Fermi gamma-ray sources
C2186Titmarsh01 AprWater maser follow up of the Methanol Multi-Beam Survey
C2440Kilborn15 MayTidal dwarf galaxy candidates in the J1051-17 group
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2489Rebolledo18 May
24 May
25 May
14 Jun
15 Jun
19 Jun
20 Jun
02 Sep
03 Sep
Carina Parkes-ATCA Radio Cm-wavelength Survey (CARPARCS)
C2514Miller-JonesNAPAProbing the disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients
C2538Miller-JonesNAPAConstraining black hole formation with triggered LBA astrometry
C2601Miller-JonesNAPAJet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
C2624Petrov08 Apr
09 Apr
23 Sep-25 Sep
ATCA observations of Fermi unassociated sources
C2689HancockNAPAATCA observations of the Brightest and Highest redshift GRBs
C2700Michalowski11 Apr-14 AprThe atomic gas survey of gamma-ray burst host galaxies
C2707HancockNAPAThe GRB-SNe central engines as revealed by relativistic SNe
C2721BurlonNAPAThe quest for short GRB radio afterglows
C2730Collier22 AprSequencing the Earliest Stages of Active Galactic Nuclei Development Using The Youngest Radio Sources
C2779Sadler16 Sep-19 SepThe birth rate of radio galaxies across cosmic time
C2794Lacy06 Aug-11 AugCO(1-0) in luminous type-2 quasars selected in the mid-IR
C2798Ellingsen04 SepMeasuring the proper motions of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
C2815Huynh12 Aug-19 AugPhysical conditions of gas in high-redshift (z > 4.4) ALMA-detected submillimeter galaxies
C2853Gonidakis05 SepThe location of vibrationally excited water masers in late-type stars
C2873Salome25 Jun
27 Jun
High density tracers in Centaurus A outer filaments
C2875Ravi21 May
22 May
Imaging candidate wind nebulae around millisecond pulsars
C2883Motogi20 May
23 May
10 Jul
11 Jul
High-sensitivity survey of a pole-on disk-jet system around high mass YSOs II
C2897HancockNAPAATCA observations of MWA transients and variables
C2898Bignall05 Apr
23 Apr
25 May
07 Jun
09 Jun
15 Jun
20 Jun
22 Jun
09 Jul
19 Jul
22 Aug
13 Sep
ATCA monitoring in support of RadioAstron-LBA observations of high brightness temperature AGN
C2910Taniguchi04 Apr
05 Apr
Redshift Search of a z~5 Ultra-bright Starburst Galaxy
C2913O'Sullivan19 Apr-22 Apr
24 Apr-28 Apr
Testing the magnetic flux paradigm of AGN jets
C2914Bannister21 Apr
24 Apr
04 May
17 May
05 Jun
08 Jun
11 Jul
20 Jul
26 Aug
28 Aug
12 Sep
13 Sep
ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering Events
C2916Akahori06 Jun
08 Jun-10 Jun
The First Deep 16 cm Observation of CIZA J1358.9-4750
C2918McClure-Griffiths28 May-01 Jun
21 Jun
22 Jun
Dark Molecular Gas in the Milky Way
C2921Wang09 May-14 MayMapping the HI in upbending disk galaxies
C2922Massardi27 Sep-29 SepPolarimetric multi-frequency observations of a complete sample of radio sources.
C2925SoriaNAPAQuasi-periodic oscillations of Jupiter's inner radiation belt
C2927Ott24 Jul-14 AugSurvey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center (SWAG)
C2930Loinard08 JulGiant factory caught contaminating the environment - Dust and molecules expelled by eta Carinae
C2931MacGregor25 Jun-28 Jun
02 Aug-05 Aug
Structure in the eps Eridani Debris Disk
C2932Tsai30 Jun-03 JulMolecular Gas in an AGN Binary Candidate W2332-5056
C2933Schnitzeler15 AprThe strength and structure of the magnetic field within 40 parsec of the Galactic Centre
C2936Birkinshaw26 AugPKS B1416-493: a high-resolution map of an intermediate-power radio source interacting with a dense external medium
C2937Muller15 Aug-18 AugThe molecular absorption toward PKS 1830-211 at 7 mm and 3 mm
C2939HoreshNAPAA different class of Ia supernovae?
C2941Buemi25 AugThe radio morphology of Wray 17-96
C2943Buemi27 AugA close look at the heart of Luminous Blue Variables nebulae
C2946Coriat11 Apr
19 Apr
20 Apr
Investigating the jet particle content and magnetic field structure of SS433 using circular polarisation
C2949Suarez23 Aug
24 Aug
Monitoring the real time birth of a planetary nebula
C2950Sanhueza05 Jul
06 Jul
Testing models of high-mass star formation in prestellar high-mass cluster-forming clumps
C2951Kanekar18 Jul
19 Jul
21 Jul-23 Jul
25 Jul
A blind 7mm survey for molecular absorption at high redshift
C2954Gomez28 SepInterferometric confirmation of three "water fountain" candidates
C2955GreinerNAPATesting the Gamma-ray Burst fireball scenario
C2961Stephens05 MayTwo High-Mass Cores at Different Evolutionary Stages
C2963Jones26 Jul
27 Jul
Radio Recombination Lines from HII Regions in the Southern Galaxy
C2964HancockNAPAExploring the Early Radio Emission from Core Collapse Supernovae
C2965BannisterNAPADaily monitoring of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events
C2966Voronkov16 Apr
17 Apr
25 Apr-28 Apr
Class I methanol masers with regular structures
C2968BurlonNAPALate time observations of candidate high-z GRBs
C2969Burlon03 May
13 Jul
28 Sep
Late time observations of candidate high-z GRBs
C2976Dawson01 May-04 May
26 Jun
28 Jun
12 Jul
Probing the Galactic ISM in OH Absorption
C2977Allison05 Sep-08 SepThe neutral gas environment of compact radio galaxies
C2978FrancoNAPAMapping the surprisingly high-velocity submm H2O masers of water-fountain nebulae
C2983Aravena10 May-18 May
22 Aug-24 Aug
26 Aug-03 Sep
Resolved CO imaging in bright gravitationally lensed galaxies at z=2-6
C2984Murray29 May-01 JunThe dark molecular gas content of the Magellanic Clouds
C2986Breen03 Jul
04 Jul
29 Sep
Monolithic collapse of high-mass molecular cores
C2988Fissel29 Jun-02 JulDo magnetic fields provide support against the gravitational collapse of starless cores in Vela C?
C2990Yamaguchi04 Apr
06 Apr
20 May
28 May
15 Jun
29 Jun
16 Aug
27 Sep
A multi-epoch and spectral study for the gamma-ray binary PSR B1259-63
C2991Moss08 Aug-10 AugTargeting molecular gas using HCO+ in Galactic high velocity clouds
NASAEdwards30 SepNASA
VLBITzioumis03 Apr
30 Apr
01 May
27 May
28 May
02 Jun-05 Jun
11 Jun-13 Jun
19 Sep-22 Sep

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