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Schedule summary for 2014OCT

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens01 Oct
26 Feb
24 Mar
C015Staveley-Smith19 Oct
20 Oct
15 Jan
Supernova Remnant 1987A
C1199Corbel20 Oct
08 Jan
Large scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1726Johnston13 Jan
14 Jan
ATNF Summer Vacation Programme 2013/14
C1730Edwards30 Oct
19 Nov
17 Dec
14 Jan
03 Feb
08 Feb
22 Mar
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1862Lumsden19 Dec-21 DecIonised jets from massive young stellar objects
C1929Voronkov03 Oct
25 Oct
13 Nov
30 Nov
04 Dec
12 Dec
19 Dec
24 Dec
29 Dec
06 Jan
10 Jan
19 Jan
26 Jan
07 Feb
22 Feb
18 Mar
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C1973Agliozzo02 Mar-04 MarRadio detection of Luminous Blue Variable nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds
C2051CorbelNAPAATCA follow-up of unidentified flaring Fermi gamma-ray sources
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2489Rebolledo09 Nov-12 Nov
13 Feb-16 Feb
24 Feb
15 Mar
Carina Parkes-ATCA Radio Cm-wavelength Survey (CARPARCS)
C2514Miller-jonesNAPAProbing the disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients
C2575Shimwell30 Nov
06 Feb
Resolving the origin of filaments in radio galaxies: the special case of the Centaurus A vertex
C2601Miller-jonesNAPAJet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
C2627Delhaize08 Nov-12 Nov
16 Dec-30 Dec
ATCA-XXL: Feedback processes through cosmic time
C2689HancockNAPAATCA observations of the Brightest and Highest redshift GRBs
C2705Kilborn13 Nov-16 Nov
29 Nov
30 Nov
08 Feb
14 Feb
23 Feb
24 Feb
Gas accretion in nearby spiral galaxies
C2707HancockNAPAThe GRB-SNe central engines as revealed by relativistic SNe
C2717Emonts14 Oct-18 Oct
17 Feb
18 Feb
20 Feb-22 Feb
Cold gas filling a cosmic Spiderweb of proto-galaxies: witnessing the in-situ birth of a giant cluster elliptical?
C2721BurlonNAPAThe quest for short GRB radio afterglows
C2773Johanson04 FebLow-Frequency Follow-Up Observations of High-Mass Star-Forming Regions in the LMC
C2836Trigilio23 Jan-25 JanIs Alpha Centauri revealed by the new generation of radio telescopes?
C2872Walsh27 Jan
28 Jan
30 Jan-01 Feb
01 Mar-08 Mar
SPLASH: Accurate OH maser positions
C2877Miller-Jones03 Dec
05 Dec-07 Dec
13 Dec-15 Dec
26 Dec-28 Dec
31 Dec-12 Jan
15 Jan-18 Jan
A comprehensive ATCA survey for black holes in southern globular clusters
C2879Chen10 Oct-12 Oct
27 Nov-29 Nov
Investigating nuclear starbursts through Methanol emission
C2883Motogi06 Oct
17 Nov-19 Nov
High-sensitivity survey of a pole-on disk-jet system around high mass YSOs III
C2884Edge05 Jan-07 JanAGN feedback in SPT cluster cores
C2898Bignall31 Oct-02 Nov
12 Dec-15 Dec
26 Jan
27 Jan
29 Jan
30 Jan
09 Mar-12 Mar
ATCA monitoring in support of RadioAstron observations of high brightness temperature AGN
C2902SivakoffNAPASearching for the First Transient Black Hole X-ray Binary in a Galactic Globular Cluster
C2908Fujii07 NovDense Molecular Clump Formation in the Collisional Region of the LMC Supergiant Shells
C2914Bannister05 Oct
06 Oct
29 Oct
17 Dec
18 Jan
07 Feb
01 Mar
21 Mar
ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering Events
C2935Lumsden10 Oct-12 OctDiscs Around Massive Protostars
C2939HoreshNAPAA different class of Ia supernovae?
C2949Suarez13 Mar
14 Mar
Monitoring the real time birth of a planetary nebula
C2964HancockNAPAExploring the Early Radio Emission from Core Collapse Supernovae
C2965BannisterNAPADaily monitoring of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events
C2967Cunningham05 MarProbing the Evolution of MYSOs Using Methanol Maser Emission
C2982Mao01 Oct-03 OctCO in Infrared Faint Radio Sources
C2983Aravena12 Oct-30 Oct
02 Dec
03 Dec
05 Dec-07 Dec
Resolved CO imaging in bright gravitationally lensed galaxies at z=2-6
C2992Tothill15 Feb
17 Feb
18 Feb
21 Feb
22 Feb
Extended Cluster Emission in the SPT Deep Field
C2993Galvin04 Oct
23 Jan
24 Jan
Characterising the Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission of Star Forming Galaxies
C2994Massardi25 Jan
28 Jan
Completion of the ATCA follow-up of blazar candidates in the H-ATLAS fields
C2996Goldman06 Mar-08 MarDiscovering metal-poor circumstellar OH masers
C2997Dodson03 OctTesting the innermost collimation structure of M87 jet at ~10Rs from the black hole with micro-arcsecond astrometry
C3000Musaeva09 Jan-12 JanSearching for Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies using Jet Emission
C3001PiroNAPAATCA observations of the new class of ultralong GRBs: a local proxy of popIII explosions?
C3002Stanway31 Jan-02 FebInfrared-Bright GRB hosts - a nearby, dusty population?
C3003Dannerbauer17 Mar-24 MarCharacterizing Dusty Starbursts at z=2.2 in a High Density Field
C3004CorbelNAPALarge scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars (NAPA part)
C3005Kirichenko25 OctHigh angular resolution study of the J1400-6325 pulsar wind nebula and its host remnant G310.6-1.6 with the ATCA
C3006Guzman26 Oct
09 Mar
Disk mediated high-mass star formation inside a hyper-compact HII region
C3007PapittoNAPACoupling accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars
C3009Sathyanarayana Rao03 Feb
04 Feb
27 Feb
28 Feb
Astrophysics of the 2p-2s fine-structure line of Hydrogen
C3010Miller-JonesNAPAExploring the nature of relativistic jets in neutron star X-ray binaries
C3012Miller-Jones04 DecA new black hole candidate in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae
C3014Gelfand10 Mar-13 MarThe Radio Emission of Galactic Center Magnetar SGR J1745-29
C3015ChomiukNAPAATCA Observations of the Complex Explosions Driving Gamma-ray Detected Novae
NASAEdwards01 Oct
02 Oct
VLBIPhillips21 Nov-27 Nov
25 Mar-31 Mar

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