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Schedule summary for 2015APR

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens03 AugATCA Calibrators
C015Staveley-Smith02 May
C989CoriatNAPARadio Jets in Recurrent and New Black Hole X-ray Transients
C1199Corbel20 Jun
09 Sep
Large scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1730Edwards24 Apr
04 May
29 Jun
12 Aug
13 Aug
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1929Voronkov10 Apr
06 May
22 May
15 Jun
27 Jun
15 Jul
31 Jul
27 Aug
10 Sep
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2494Soria24 Jun-26 JunYoung supernova remnants in the spiral galaxy M83
C2514Miller-JonesNAPAThe disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients
C2538Miller-JonesNAPAConstraining black hole formation with triggered LBA astrometry
C2601Miller-JonesNAPAJet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
C2624Petrov04 Apr
05 Apr
Study of the population of steady Fermi emitters found in 3FGL
C2694Maddison04 Apr-06 Apr
13 Jul-15 Jul
PLATYPUS: a southern debris disk survey at 7mm
C2705Kilborn13 Jun-16 Jun
27 Aug
29 Aug-31 Aug
05 Sep-09 Sep
Gas accretion in nearby spiral galaxies
C2840Nicuesa Guelbenzu29 Apr
19 Jun
Revealing the dust-obscured star-formation rate in short-GRB host galaxies
C2872Qiao21 MaySPLASH: Accurate OH maser positions
C2877Miller-Jones14 Apr-19 Apr
23 Apr-02 May
21 Jun-23 Jun
A comprehensive ATCA survey for black holes in southern globular clusters
C2879Chen25 Aug-27 AugA search for class I methanol megamasers
C2883Motogi07 Jul-09 Jul
14 Aug-16 Aug
High-sensitivity survey of a pole-on disk-jet system around high mass YSOs
C2898Bignall14 Apr-17 Apr
14 May
15 May
18 May
24 Jun
27 Jun
28 Jun
29 Aug-31 Aug
11 Sep-13 Sep
ATCA monitoring in support of RadioAstron observations of high brightness temperature AGN
C2902SivakoffNAPASearching for the First Transient Black Hole X-ray Binary in a Galactic Globular Cluster
C2905Dunne14 Jun
16 Jun
08 Jul
09 Jul
The most distant starburst: 13 Gyr or bust
C2914Bannister06 Apr
25 Apr
03 May
23 Jun
03 Jul
11 Jul
10 Aug
11 Aug
13 Sep
23 Sep
ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering Events
C2915Shimwell10 Apr
18 Apr
19 Apr
05 May
06 May
14 May-18 May
Ultra-deep observations to map the diffuse radio emission from a sample of merging galaxy clusters.
C2927Ott21 Jul-11 AugSurvey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center (SWAG)
C2933Schnitzeler06 MayProbing the magnetic field surrounding the nearest supermassive black hole
C2949Suarez18 JunMonitoring the real time birth of a planetary nebula
C2955GreinerNAPATesting the Gamma-ray Burst fireball scenario
C2963Dickey24 Jul-26 Jul
08 Aug
09 Aug
15 Aug-23 Aug
18 Sep-23 Sep
Southern HII Region Discovery Survey (SHRDS)
C2965BannisterNAPADaily monitoring of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events
C2983Aravena19 Jun-21 Jun
25 Jun-29 Jun
Resolved CO imaging in bright gravitationally lensed galaxies at z=2-6
C2984Murray20 May-24 MayThe formation of dark molecular gas from cold atomic hydrogen in the Magellanic System
C2988Fissel30 Jul
31 Jul
Do magnetic fields provide support against the gravitational collapse of starless cores in Vela C?
C2996Goldman01 May
12 Jun
Locating circumstellar masers in metal-deficient environments
C3001PiroNAPAATCA observations of the new class of ultralong GRBs: a local proxy of popIII explosions?
C3004CorbelNAPALarge scale radio/X-ray jets in microquasars (NAPA part)
C3006Guzman03 MayDisk mediated high-mass star formation inside a hyper-compact HII region
C3007PapittoNAPACoupling accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars
C3009Sathyanarayana Rao02 JulAstrophysics of the 2p-2s fine-structure line of Hydrogen
C3019Moss10 Apr-12 Apr
22 Jun
03 Jul-05 Jul
Rocking the cradle: a case study in continuum and spectral variability in young radio AGN
C3020McClure-Griffiths22 May-24 May
08 Jun-12 Jun
Taking the Temperature of the Riegel-Crutcher Cloud
C3021Contreras03 Apr
08 May-10 May
25 Jul
26 Jul
Determining the temperature structure of a massive proto-cluster
C3023Avison03 SepOutflows from the Massive Stars of SDC335
C3024Green27 Jul-29 JulCharacterising the properties and evolutionary stages of 2 unusual Vela C molecular cloud filaments, with ATCA ammonia observations
C3025Vlemmings04 MayThe OH masers of the post-common envelope binary HD 101584
C3026Huynh18 Aug-24 Aug
18 Sep-22 Sep
Fundamental Studies of Molecular Gas in z > 2 ALMA-identified Submillimeter Galaxies
C3030Callingham11 Apr
12 Apr
Broadband Spectral Modelling of Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Sources: Dying young and frustrated?
C3034Loomis12 May
13 May
Imaging the Complex Chemical Evolution Around a Solar-type Protostar
C3037Shimonishi11 Jul
12 Jul
Molecular chemistry of high-mass star-forming clumps in the Large Magellanic Cloud
C3041Johnson19 May
20 May
10 Jul
12 Jul-14 Jul
06 Sep
08 Sep-12 Sep
CHILLING: Continuum Halos In LVHIS Local Irregular Nearby Galaxies
C3043Kaczmarek30 AprObserving the Pan-Magellanic Magnetic Field
C3044BhandariNAPALocalisation of Fast Radio Bursts
C3045Ginsburg02 Apr
13 Apr
11 May
12 Aug
13 Aug
01 Sep
04 Sep
24 Sep
Geometry of clouds and HII regions in the CMZ using H2CO
C3046Sahai16 May
17 May
Millimeter-sized grains at the center of the Coldest Place in the Universe
VLBIPhillips01 Apr
02 Apr
07 Apr-09 Apr
15 Jul-19 Jul
25 Sep-30 Sep

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