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Schedule summary for 2015OCT

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens14 Oct
27 Jan
28 Jan
04 Feb
18 Mar
19 Mar
ATCA Calibrators
C015Staveley-Smith16 Oct-19 Oct
05 Dec
01 Mar
03 Mar
Supernova Remnant 1987A
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1726Johnston12 Jan
13 Jan
ATNF Summer Vacation Programme 2013/14
C1730Edwards02 Nov
23 Nov
29 Nov
11 Jan
31 Jan
18 Feb
07 Mar
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1929Voronkov06 Oct
22 Oct
12 Nov
03 Dec
18 Dec
11 Jan
26 Jan
18 Feb
03 Mar
20 Mar
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C1952Filipovic27 Jan
09 Mar
G1.9+0.3: Youngest Galactic SNR Evolution Study
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2514Miller-JonesNAPAThe disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients
C2515Cavallaro30 Jan
31 Jan
02 Feb
05 Feb
06 Feb
Stellar radio emission in the SKA era: the SCORPIO project
C2538Miller-JonesNAPAConstraining black hole formation with triggered LBA astrometry
C2601Miller-JonesNAPAJet-disc coupling in black hole X-ray binary outbursts
C2700Michalowski08 MarATCA provides the evidence of atomic gas inflow in gamma-ray bursts galaxies
C2779Sadler24 Mar-27 MarThe birth rate of radio galaxies across cosmic time
C2798Ellingsen12 NovMeasuring the proper motions of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
C2818Aravena03 Oct-13 OctA molecular gas survey of the brightest and most distant star-forming galaxies discovered by the SPT
C2840Nicuesa Guelbenzu24 Oct-26 OctRevealing the dust-obscured star-formation rate in short-GRB host galaxies
C2872Qiao18 Feb-24 Feb
26 Feb-29 Feb
02 Mar
04 Mar
SPLASH: Accurate OH maser positions
C2902SivakoffNAPASearching for the First Transient Black Hole X-ray Binary in a Galactic Globular Cluster
C2905Dunne30 Mar
31 Mar
Zooming in on high redshift galaxy formation
C2914Bannister16 Oct
20 Oct
15 Nov
20 Nov
10 Dec
13 Dec
13 Jan
14 Jan
16 Feb
06 Mar
07 Mar
ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering Events
C2922Massardi29 Mar-31 MarPolarimetric multi-frequency observations of a complete sample of radio sources
C2939HoreshNAPACSM-Ia supernovae - A different class of Ia supernovae?
C2955GreinerNAPATesting the Gamma-ray Burst fireball scenario
C2963Dickey09 Oct
13 Oct
Southern HII Region Discovery Survey (SHRDS)
C2965BannisterNAPADaily monitoring of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events
C2992Norris12 Dec-14 Dec
23 Dec
24 Dec
26 Dec-10 Jan
ATLAS-SPT: Diffuse Cluster Halo Emission in the SPT Deep Field
C2996Goldman25 Feb
26 Feb
Discovering metal-poor circumstellar OH masers
C2997Dodson08 Oct
03 Feb
29 Mar
Testing the innermost collimation structure of M87 jet at ~10Rs from the black hole with micro-arcsecond astrometry
C3001PiroNAPAATCA observations of the new class of ultralong GRBs: a local proxy of popIII explosions?
C3007PapittoNAPACoupling accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars
C3019Moss12 Nov-15 NovRocking the cradle: a case study in continuum and spectral variability in young radio AGN
C3033Vieira24 Oct-28 Oct
22 Nov
High Resolution Imaging of Strongly-Lensed Radio-Bright Galaxies from the SPT Survey
C3041Johnson14 Oct
15 Oct
24 Nov-28 Nov
04 Dec
17 Dec-20 Dec
19 Mar
20 Mar
CHILLING: Continuum Halos In LVHIS Local Irregular Nearby Galaxies
C3048BhandariNAPALocalisation of Fast Radio Bursts
C3049Shannon31 Oct
15 Dec
16 Dec
18 Dec
22 Dec
14 Jan
18 Jan
20 Feb
21 Feb
23 Feb
27 Feb
09 Mar
The late-time afterglow of a fast radio burst
C3050Soria21 Oct-23 OctPowerful microquasar jet in the spiral galaxy NGC 300
C3051Ng03 Dec
11 Dec
Mapping the Magnetic Field Structure of a Fast-Moving Pulsar Wind Nebula System
C3053PossentiNAPARadio follow-up of gravitational radiation sources with ATCA
C3055Lacy10 Mar-13 MarDeep, High Resolution Imaging of the ES1 SERVS/GEMS Deep Field
C3056Fenech28 Oct
29 Oct
26 Nov
27 Nov
15 Dec
16 Dec
Constraining the agents of change - the impact of clumpy winds on massive stellar evolution
C3057RussellNAPAThe evolving jet properties of transient black hole X-ray binaries
C3059Troja30 Oct
01 Nov
19 Jan
21 Jan
Late-time ATCA observations of GRB afterglows: a test to the magnetar model
C3061MoinNAPACoordinated multi-wavelength studies of Southern Hemisphere GRB afterglows | Radio observations for tests of energy injection and comparison of fireball models: Origins of GRBs
C3062Murphy29 Oct
02 Nov
Candidate pulsars and steep spectrum sources from the MWA
C3068Seymour21 Dec
22 Dec
Hunting the First Black Holes with ATCA
C3069Lang30 Oct-01 Nov
05 Dec-07 Dec
15 Jan-17 Jan
13 Feb
14 Feb
A Faraday Study of the Non-thermal Filaments in the Galactic Centre Radio Arc
C3070Fujii26 Jan
28 Feb
Revealing the Shock-Interacting HI kinematics toward the Magellanic Superbubble 30 Doradus C
C3073Jackson27 Mar
28 Mar
High frequency observations of a complete sample of bright MWA sources
C3074Zaw29 Feb
02 Mar
03 Mar
First Interferometric Study of the H$_2$O Maser and AGN Host in NGC 5234
C3075Mao24 Nov
25 Nov
28 Nov
29 Nov
24 Dec-27 Dec
23 Jan-25 Jan
The Magneto-ionic Medium in the Circinus Galaxy
C3076Tudor17 Oct-20 Oct
11 Dec
Three new black hole candidates in Galactic globular clusters
C3077Tudor21 Oct
22 Nov
A new exotic supernova remnant?
VLBIPhillips01 Oct-03 Oct
17 Nov-22 Nov
09 Dec
10 Dec
21 Jan
28 Jan
29 Jan
02 Feb
06 Feb
07 Feb
15 Feb
24 Feb
04 Mar
05 Mar
21 Mar-24 Mar

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