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Schedule summary for 2016APR

PI Dates Title
C007Stevens12 Apr
12 Jun
17 Jun
12 Jul
ATCA Calibrators
C015Staveley-Smith17 May
18 May
05 Jun
25 Aug
Supernova Remnant 1987A
C1473RyderNAPAObservations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
C1730Edwards08 Apr
13 Apr
02 May
15 May
27 May
01 Jun
26 Jul
17 Aug
04 Sep
ATCA monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN
C1929Voronkov20 Apr
10 May
01 Jun
16 Jun
06 Jul
25 Jul
30 Aug
15 Sep
30 Sep
Understanding periodic flares of the methanol masers
C2456PossentiNAPAContinuum radio emission from magnetars in outburst
C2514Miller-JonesNAPAThe disc wind-jet connection in black hole transients
C2538Miller-JonesNAPAConstraining black hole formation with triggered LBA astrometry
C2884Edge21 AugAGN feedback in SPT cluster cores
C2902SivakoffNAPASearching for the First Transient Black Hole X-ray Binary in a Galactic Globular Cluster
C2905Manilla Robles01 Apr-03 AprZooming in on high redshift galaxy formation
C2914Bannister14 Apr
15 Apr
17 May
18 May
08 Jun
31 Jul
22 Aug
23 Aug
29 Sep
30 Sep
ATESE: An ATCA survey for Extreme Scattering Events
C2927Ott01 Jul-22 JulSurvey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center (SWAG)
C2949Suarez10 May
12 May
Monitoring the real time birth of a planetary nebula
C2963Dickey23 Jul
24 Jul
30 Jul
31 Jul
05 Aug-15 Aug
03 Sep
04 Sep
09 Sep-11 Sep
13 Sep-15 Sep
23 Sep-29 Sep
Southern HII Region Discovery Survey (SHRDS)
C2965BannisterNAPADaily monitoring of ATCA Extreme Scattering Events
C2992Norris27 MayATLAS-SPT: Diffuse Cluster Halo Emission in the SPT Deep Field
C2997Dodson05 Apr
12 Apr
18 Apr
Testing the innermost collimation structure of M87 jet at ~10Rs from the black hole with micro-arcsecond astrometry
C3001PiroNAPAATCA observations of the new class of ultralong GRBs: a local proxy of popIII explosions?
C3003Dannerbauer01 Apr-04 Apr
07 Apr
08 Apr
Characterizing Dusty Starbursts at z=2.2 in a High Density Field
C3007PapittoNAPACoupling accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars
C3010Miller-JonesNAPAThe evolving multi-wavelength spectrum of a transient neutron star X-ray binary
C3019Moss05 May
23 Aug
Rocking the cradle: a continuing ATCA/XMM-Newton case study of continuum variability in young radio AGN
C3024Green16 Sep-18 SepCharacterising the properties of 2 unusual Vela C molecular cloud filaments, with ATCA ammonia observations
C3026Huynh27 Jul-31 Jul
06 Aug
07 Aug
09 Aug-15 Aug
31 Aug-03 Sep
09 Sep-18 Sep
23 Sep-28 Sep
Fundamental Studies of Molecular Gas in z ~ 2 ALMA-identified Submillimeter Galaxies
C3039Sun16 May
05 Jun
Radio AGN in one of the closest and brightest cool core clusters
C3041Johnson09 Jun-13 Jun
16 Jun
CHILLING: Continuum Halos In LVHIS Local Irregular Nearby Galaxies
C3044BhandariNAPALocalisation of Fast Radio Bursts
C3053PossentiNAPARadio follow-up of gravitational radiation sources with ATCA
C3056Fenech03 JunConstraining the agents of change - the impact of clumpy winds on massive stellar evolution
C3057RussellNAPAThe evolving jet properties of transient black hole X-ray binaries
C3083Reid28 May
29 May
A search for phase calibrators close to the Galactic Plane
C3085Massardi09 Apr
10 Apr
16 Apr
19 Jul-21 Jul
A 7 mm polarimetric map of Pictor A
C3086McClure-Griffiths22 Apr-25 Apr
30 Apr-08 May
10 May-15 May
17 Aug
18 Aug
Gas Temperature Demography in the Magellanic Clouds
C3088Clements10 Jun
11 Jun
Radio Investigation of Candidate Starbursting Protoclusters
C3090Murray04 Jun
18 Jun
19 Jun
Hunting for Molecules in High-Velocity Clouds
C3091Barnes21 Apr
20 May
21 May
26 Jul
12 Sep
Tracing the conversion of gas into stars in a Galaxy-wide sample of high-mass protoclusters: a pilot study
C3094O'Sullivan06 Apr
08 Jun
17 Jun
A new linear polarisation angle calibration standard for 3C286 from 1 to 50 GHz
C3096Emonts09 Apr-11 Apr
13 Apr-16 Apr
19 Apr
The coldest structure in the Early Universe: detection of CO absorption against the Cosmic Microwave Background at z=2?
C3097Sjouwerman25 Jul
27 Jul-29 Jul
30 Aug-02 Sep
Simultaneity and Flux Bias between 43 and 86 GHz SiO masers
C3098StanwayNAPACharacterising the Little Known Population of Tidal Disruption Events
C3099Brown11 May
15 May
Late time follow-up of two relativitistic tidal disruption flare candidates
C3101Edge19 Aug
20 Aug
AGN feedback in the most distant SPT clusters
C3102Edwards02 May
05 May
06 May
Flux density monitoring of a new gamma-ray binary
C3103Regis06 Jul-10 JulDark Matter Searches in Reticulum II
C3104Denes31 May-02 Jun
06 Jun
07 Jun
Unveiling the nature of the "dark" gas in Chamaeleon
C3105Lee13 Jul-17 JulCharacterizing Low-velocity Shocks with the ATCA: High-sensitivity SiO(2-1) Observations of N159W
C3106Alexander09 May
24 Aug
ATCA Follow-Up of Tidal Disruption Event 2MASX 0740
C3107LynchNAPAObserving radio transient events associated with extreme stellar X-ray flares
C3108Degenaar24 AugThe accretion-outflow connection for neutron stars
C3111Hogge22 May
14 Jun
Extreme Linewidths and an NH3(3,3) Maser in G23.33-0.30
C3112Glowacki14 JunA second broad HI absorption line in a compact radio galaxy?
C3113Chen21 May
22 May
A sensitive search for 6.7 GHz class II methanol megamaser
C3119Maddison22 Apr-25 Apr
29 Apr
30 Apr
03 May
04 May
06 May-08 May
13 May
Dust traps in transition disks
C3120Urquhart25 Aug-28 AugJet bubbles in ultraluminous supersoft sources
CX352Strandet01 Apr-03 Apr
NASAEdwards07 Apr
12 Apr
19 Apr
20 Apr
14 Jun
18 Jun
06 Jul-10 Jul
12 Jul
19 Jul-21 Jul
25 Jul-31 Jul
06 Aug
07 Aug
09 Aug-14 Aug
23 Aug
30 Aug-03 Sep
09 Sep-15 Sep
24 Sep-29 Sep
VLBIPhillips02 Apr
03 Apr
06 Apr
07 Apr
11 Apr
13 Apr
14 Apr
17 Apr
24 Jun-29 Jun

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