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Station locations on the ATCA

The Australia Telescope Compact Array comprises five 22 m antennas placed on railway track and an isolated sixth antenna, giving a maximum east-west baseline of 6km and a maximum north-south baseline of 214 m. This railway system is divided into a 3 km east-west track and a 214 m north-south track.

There are 45 stations on which the antennas usually reside. There are 39 on the 3km east-west track (labelled W), 5 on the north-south track (labelled N), and 1 for the 6 km antenna. The east-west stations are numbered according to their distance from the eastern end in units of 15.306 m and starting at W0. The north-south stations are numbered according to their distance from the intersection with the east-west track at W106 and in units of 15.306 m.

The following table shows the station name (Stn), and the corresponding distance in metres (Dist). The table also gives the names of some stations in an old naming convention.

                                        Stn      Dist     (Old Name)
                                    -----------------     ----------
                                        W0      0.000     (Station 1)
                                        W2     30.612     (Station 2)
                                        W4     61.224     (Station 3)
                                        W6     91.837     (Station 4)
                                        W8    122.449     (Station 5)
                                       W10    153.061     (Station 6)
                                       W12    183.673     (Station 7)
                                       W14    214.286     (Station 8)
                                       W16    244.898     (Station 9)
                                       W32    489.796     (Station 10)
                                       W45    688.776     (Station 11)
                                       W64    979.592     (Station 12)
                                       W84   1285.714     (Station 13)
                                       W98   1500.000     (Station 14)
                                      W100   1530.612     (Station 15)
                                      W102   1561.224     (Station 16)
                                      W104   1591.837 
  N14     N11     N7     N5     N2    W106   1622.449 
214.286 168.367 107.143 76.531 30.612                      
                                      W109   1668.367     (Station 17)
                                      W110   1683.673     (Station 18)
                                      W111   1698.980     (Station 19)
                                      W112   1714.286     (Station 20)
                                      W113   1729.592     (Station 21)
                                      W124   1897.959
                                      W125   1913.265
                                      W128   1959.184     (Station 22)
                                      W129   1974.490     (Station 23)
                                      W140   2142.857     (Station 24)
                                      W147   2250.000     (Station 25)
                                      W148   2265.306     (Station 26)
                                      W163   2494.898     (Station 27)
                                      W168   2571.429     (Station 28)
                                      W172   2632.653     (Station 29)
                                      W173   2647.959     (Station 30)
                                      W182   2785.714     (Station 31)
                                      W189   2892.857     (Station 32)
                                      W190   2908.163     (Station 33)
                                      W195   2984.694     (Station 34)
                                      W196   3000.000     (Station 35)
                                      W392   6000.000     (Station 37)

Also of relevance are the array configurations themselves.

Note: The design of the primary monitor system places the following restrictions on some stations:

Station Hosts only
W0 CA01
W2 CA01 CA02
W4 CA01 CA03 CA03
W6 CA01 CA02 CA03 CA04
W172 CA02 CA03 CA04 CA05
W173 CA02 CA03 CA04 CA05
W182 CA03 CA04 CA05
W189 CA04 CA05
W190 CA04 CA05
W195 CA05
W196 CA05

That is, the end stations of the east-west track do not take all antennas. This is only of relevance if a shuffle of antennas is being used.

The following stations are not used by any standard arrays: W6, W12, W14, W16, W129, and W189.
Note that some of these were used in obsolete or special arrays.

Original: Derek McKay (18-Jan-1996)
Modified: Bob Sault (19-Oct-2003)