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Upcoming ATCA configurations

Upcoming configurations

The following table lists the configurations expected to be offered for upcoming semesters. Note that, in addition, the configuration that is scheduled at the end of any given semester may also be offered at the beginning of the following semester.

Click on the array name to get the matrix of spacings for all baselines.

       Semester 2014APRS  2014OCTS  2015APRS  2015OCTS  2016APRS  2016OCTS  2017APRS  2017OCTS
   6A              O         O         O         O         O         O         O         O
   6B              O                             O                             O         
   6C                        O                             O                             O
   6D                                  O                             O                   
 1.5A                        O                   O                             O         
 1.5B                        O                             O                             O
 1.5C                                  O                             O                   O
 1.5D              O                             O                   O                   
 750A                        O                             O                             O
 750B                                  O                             O                   O
 750C              O                             O                   O                   
 750D                        O                   O                             O         
EW367                        O                   O                   O                   O
EW352              O         O         O         O         O         O         O         O
 H214              O         O         O                   O         O         O          
 H168              O                   O         O         O                   O         O
  H75              O                   O                   O                   O


The rationale behind this cycle was described in an ATNF newsletter article in October 2005. Briefly, the scheme cycles through all offered arrays within 18 months.
  • Two 6-km array configurations will be offered each term to meet the needs of the high-resolution science. Given that 6A is the "best" 6-km configuration, this will be offered every term.
  • A single 750-m and 1.5-km configuration will be offered during the millimetre semester, and two are offered in the non-millimetre semester.
  • The EW352 array will be offered each term. Of the two 350-m arrays, EW352 has a better complement of short baselines. The EW367 will be offered only in the non-millimetre semester.
  • The EW214 array will no longer be scheduled routinely. EW214 has many spacings in common with EW352. Additionally the hybrid arrays can be used as alternatives to EW214.
  • The hybrid arrays (H214, H168 and H75) will be scheduled every millimetre semester. In addition one hybrid (either H168 or H214) will be scheduled in the non-millimetre semester.
As in the past, observers can request "wildcard" array configurations that are not part of the standard set being offered in a semester. In this case, observers are requested to discuss this as early as possible with the ATCA staff so that the possible scheduling of an array as a wildcard can be advertised to other potential proposers.
Original: Phil Edwards (14-nov-2008)
Updated: (14-may-2015)