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Excavations continue - 2 June 1998

Construction at the site of the north spur is progressing at a good pace. An excavator has removed the top soil and now a heavy elevating scraper is being employed to remove subsoil down to what will eventually be the base for the rail ballast. The base soil will be stabilised with lime to ensure a foundation that will remain rock solid when the 270 tonne antennas are manoeuvred along the the new rail track.

The photos below have been taken in the vicinity of the Visitors Centre at a position near where the north spur will intersect the east/west track. The original track can still be seen in a couple of pictures and this, of course, will soon be modified with the addition of four small turntables that will allow the the bogies on the antennas to be rotated and finally move in a northerly direction.

Original: Tim Kennedy (2-Jun-1998)