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October 1999 Installation Activity

Installing solid panels on antenna 4, holography on antennas 1 and 3 (7 Oct 1999).

Fibre optic cable installation - the pits (7 Oct 1999).

Fibre optic cable installation (7 Oct 1999).


Prototype ACC driving Antenna 6 - 15 October 1999

12mm receiver installation in Antenna 4 - 21 October 1999
The new receiver sits on the receiver turret beside the large feed for the 20/13 cm receiver.


First Light as 12mm - Fringes between antennas 3 and 4 at 10:00 28 Oct 1999 at 22.45 GHz

It all came together with:  new panels, new LO distribution, new receivers, new correlator control computer and software!
Well done everyone.

Now the celebration!

Cooking, ............... and watching cooking



Original: Robin Wark (Oct-1999)