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Completion of the 3mm system

Five antennas with the 3mm system (CA01-CA05), measured at 19:11 on 20 September.

The new millimeter LO/IF module, including the systems for 12 and 3mm. The vacant space in the middle of the module is reserved for the 7mm system.


First light for the new 3mm system (an autocorrelation of SiO) and the first 3mm observation using CA01, measured at 17:15 on 9 September.

Three baselines with the 3mm system (CA01,CA02,CA03), measured at 14:10 on 10 September.

Spectrum of CS(2-1) in M17SW.

Spectrum of SO(3-2) in M17SW.

Four antennas with the 3mm system (CA01,CA02,CA03,CA04), measured at 17:03 on 16 September.

Original: Bob Sault (16-Sep-2004)