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The complex region CTB33

A radio image of the CTB33 complex showing the young supernova remnant (the shell left behind after the explosive death of a star) called G337.0-0.1. The interest of this region us that this supernova remnant appears to house the source SGR 1627-41. This is a so-called magnetar - a neutron star with an ultra-strong magnetic field.

This image taken with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). The supernova remnant G337.0-0.1 is the bright, compact shell of emission just left of the center of the image. Most of the remaining diffuse and filamentary emission is from hot, thermal gas ionized by young stars in the CTB 33 complex.

See the NRAO press release for more information.

Original: Bob Sault (7-Feb-2005)
Modified: Bob Sault (7-Feb-2005)