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CX Numbers

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CX490 Anderson et al. FRB afterglow search 4cm September-2021
CX489 Wang ASKAP periodic highly-polarised transient 16cm, 4cm September-2021
CX488 Dobie, Zic, Lynch, Pritchard SCR J1845-6537 16cm, 4cm September-2021
CX487 Caleb MeerTRAP periodic transient 4cm August-2021
CX486 Ravi Candidate relavistic TDE 16cm, 4cm June-2021
CX485 Bonne, Jackson, Allingham G345.88-1.10 4cm May-2021
CX484 North-Hickey ESO601-036 15mm May-2021
CX483 Shannon, Sarin, Lasky CDF XT2 afterglow 4cm May-2021
CX482 Bahramian V723 Mon 4cm March-2021
CX481 Pritchard RACS high-z followup 16cm, 4cm February-2021
CX480 Leung SN 2017iuk 16cm, 4cm February-2021
CX479 Galvin, Heald GLEAM-X periodic transient 4cm February-2021
CX478 Risely Abell 3718 (ASKAP follow-up) 4cm December-2020
CX477 Stevens RFI surveys 16cm, 4cm November-2020
CX476 Macgregor, Norris Abell S1136 16cm November-2020
CX475 Subrahmanyan, Chippendale Cosmic Recombination Tests 4cm November-2020
CX474 Nosrati Skymuster 2 interferometric localisation 15mm November-2020
CX473 Yoon, FLASH HI absorption from local galaxies 16cm October-2020
CX472 Dobie, Ho, Kaplan, Perley ZTF20acigmel 7mm October-2020
CX471 Bright, Wieringa et al. AT2020xdn 4cm/15mm October-2020
CX470 Zic UV Ceti 16cm October-2020
CX469 Wang, Pritchard, Zic, Murphy TOI 540 16cm October-2020
CX468 Dobie, Cooke FRB Deeper Wider Faster 16cm September-2020
CX467 Edwards WR112 4cm September-2020
CX466 Dai, Li localisation of repeating FRB 16cm/4cm September-2020
CX465 Filipovic, Alsaberi The Mouse 4cm June-2020
CX464 Keane, Dai, Morello Mercer 5 16cm May-2020
CX463 Huynh, Seymour, Shabala ESO 137-006 4cm May-2020
CX462 Dobie, Murphy, Kaplan GRB 200405B 4cm April-2020
CX461 Dobie, Murphy, Horesh, Schulze ZTF20aatzhhl 7mm April-2020
CX460 Zic Gaia-VAST M-dwarf candidates 16cm March-2020
CX459 Alsaberi, Mohammadi ghavam SNRs in LMC 16cm February-2020
CX458 Borghese, Russell Swift X-ray transient 4cm February-2020
CX457 Panessa, Wieringa AGN RX J1034.2-4258 4cm, 15mm January-2020
CX456 Dobie, Horesh SN2020oi 4cm, 15mm January-2020
CX455 Russell MAXI J0637-430 4cm January-2020
CX454 Filipovic ASKAP ORC 16cm, 4cm December-2019
CX453 Dawson LMC OH absorption 16cm December-2019
CX452 Velovic NGC 2633 4cm December-2019
CX451 Alsaberi ASKAP Ring 4cm December-2019
CX450 Filipovic ASKAP LMC SNR 16cm December-2019
CX449 Dobie RACS gravitationally-lensed quasars 16cm December-2019
CX448 Norris EMU pilot sources follow-up 16cm November-2019
CX447 Pritchard, Murphy, Zic RACS source follow-up 16cm November-2019
CX446 Lao Pulsar Search 16cm November-2019
CX445 Miller-Jones X-ray transient in hard state 4cm November-2019
CX444 Zhang, Kaczmarek Pulsars in 47Tuc 16cm November-2019
CX443 Saponara NGC 7259 16cm October-2019
CX442 O'Brien TDE AT2019qiz 4cm, 15mm October-2019
CX441 Mader Methanol maser monitoring 4cm September-2019
CX440 Zic RACS transients investigation 16cm, 4cm August-2019
CX439 Dai ms pulsar localisation 16cm July-2019
CX438 Prabu ISS radio observations 16cm July-2019
CX437 Broderick High-z candidates observing 4cm July-2019
CX436 Dobie Proxima Cen nearby source characterisation 4cm May-2019
CX435 Zic Search for type-II bursts from Proxima Cen 16cm April-2019
CX434 Huynh Masers in the Cloverleaf 4cm April-2019
CX433 Krauss, Russell Counterpart search for IceCube-190331A 4cm April-2019
CX432 Alexander, Wieringa ASASSN-19bt 15mm April-2019
CX431 Spencer, Tzioumis Limits to the radio emission from GRS1009-45 4cm March-2019
CX430 Chhetri, Edwards Follow-up of MWA pulsar candidate 4cm March-2019
CX429 Breen Masers confirmation from Mopra 15mm/7mm March-2019
CX428 Breen Maser velocity confirmation for ASKAP 16cm March-2019
CX427 Stevens, Dodson RFI mitigation test 15mm February-2019
CX426 Anderson MAXI J1348-630 4cm January-2019
CX425 Fender GSN 069 4cm January-2019
CX424 Anderson, Moin, Schulze, Troja GRB 190114C 4cm January-2019
CX423 Russell MAXI J1631-479 4cm January-2019
CX422 Breen, Kaczmarek 5 GHz MMB follow-up 4cm December-2018
CX421 Kaczmarek XRB confirmation 4cm December-2018
CX420 Drouart, Galvin High-z candidates 15mm December-2018
CX419 Seymour GLASS giant radio galaxy 16cm November-2018
CX418 Lenc UV Ceti flaring 16cm November-2018
CX417 Lee-Waddell, Mahony HI observations of nearby galaxy 16cm October-2018
CX416 Pineda Magnetic interactions between extrasolar star and planet 16cm October-2018
CX415 Horesh Nearby old peculiar SNII SN2018aad 4cm/15mm October-2018
CX414 Edwards Survey of selected 6dF galaxies 4cm September-2018
CX413 Degenaar, Russell Determine nature of IGR J17591-2342 4cm 14-August-2018
CX412 Miller-Jones Outburst observations of dwarf nova VW Hyi 4cm 5-July-2018
CX411 Kaczmarek Search for HI emission towards FRB candidates 16cm 17-July-2018
CX410 McCarthy, Breen, Ellingsen Search for methanimine maser emission from NGC4945 4cm 21-June-2018
CX409 Ravi, Dobie Radio evolution of GRB AT2018cow 16cm,4cm,7mm 21-June-2018
CX408 Coppejans, Wieringa, et al. Searching for radio from SLSN 2018bsz 4cm 1-June-2018
CX407 Moss Radio emission from dwarf star 4cm 11-May-2018
CX406 Stevens et al. Asteroid tracking 2002 AJ129, with DSS-13 4cm 4-Feb-2018
CX405 Kaczmarek RRAT J1654-23 characterisation 16cm 27-Jan-2018
CX404 Johnston, Cameron Pulsar location determination cm Feb-2018
CX403 Manojlovic Various 4cm late Dec-2017
CX402 Ravi et al. FRB171209 follow up 4cm 25-Dec-2017
CX401 Michalowski, Stevens, Dobie GRB 171205A 4cm,15mm,7mm many
CX400 Dobie, Murphy, Bannister, Horesh SN2015J 4cm,15mm 7-Dec-2017
CX399 van der Horst, Miller-Jones MAXI J1621-501 4cm 19-Nov-2017
CX398 Raja,Hotan,Heald,Stevens Polarimetric observations of 3C138 16cm 9-Nov-2017
CX397 Helmut Dannerbauer Super-lensed submillimetre galaxy 7mm 22-Oct-2017
CX396 Tiege McCarthy G339.88-1.26 Formaldehyde maser 26-Oct-2017
CX395 Nick Seymour Interesting WAT / giant radio galaxy 4cm 14-Oct-2017
CX394 Nora Troja, Mark Wieringa GW170817A afterglow detection 20/40GHz 30-Aug-2017
CX393 Lister Staveley-Smith Galactic Bulge 5.5/9GHz 31-Aug-2017
CX391 Murphy, Dobie, Bannister et al. GW170817A follow up 4cm many
CX390 Keith Bannister
CX389 Shari Breen OH megamaser checks 16cm 3-aug-2017
CX388 Mark Wieringa      
CX387 Shari Breen      
CX386 Max Voronkov Assessing mm flux of PSR B0540-69 7mm 14-Jun-2017
CX382 James Allison 30-Mar-2017
CX382 Edwards, Stevens, Callingham Steep spectrum sources 16cm/4cm 14-Mar-2017
CX381 ? ? 4cm 5-Mar-2017
CX380 Matt Middleton ULX NGC 1313 -X1 4cm 20-Feb-2017
CX379 Nathalie Degenaar XRB GRO J1744-28 6cm 17-Feb-2017
CX378 Martin Bell Deeper, Wider, Faster CX 28-Jan-2017
CX377 ? ? ? ?
CX376 ? ? ? ?
CX375 Garvin TBD cm 21-dec-2016 to 02-01-2017
CX374 Manojlovic cm 08-dec-2016
CX373 Wu/Raja/Heywood NGC3732 ASKAP followup cm 16-Nov-2016
CX372 Heywood High-redshift AGN 7mm 05-Oct-2016
CX371 Ryder/Chomiuk Nova Lupus 2016 4cm/16cm/15mm 04-Oct-2016
CX370 Ellingsen/MacLeod Flaring maser 16cm/4cm/15mm 29-Sep-2016
CX369 Kimmo Lehtinen/Jamie Stevens HTR observations of asteroid occultation 4cm 21-Sep-2016
CX368 Martin Bell Proxima Cen Flare Hunt C/X 15-Sep-2016
CX367 Max Voronkov Stokes V flux of PSR1731-4744 20cm 15-Sep-2016
CX366 Hurley-Walker/Duchesne 15mm follow-up of NGC target 15mm 04-aug-2016
CX365 James Miller-Jones/Jay Strader Candidate Transitional millisecond Pulsar 16-August-2016
CX364 GRB follow-up Wieringa/Troja 4cm/15mm 28-jun-2016
CX363 Paul Hancock SN follow-up 16-June-2016
CX362 Marcin GLowacki/James Allison Faraday tomography 16cm 15-June-2016
CX361 James Miller-Jones ASASSN-16fv 15mm 09-June-2016
CX360 James Miller-Jones Radio/X-ray obs 4cm 01-June-2016
CX359 Kong/Tudor Fermi follow-up 4cm 20-May-2016
CX358 Sascha Schediwy/David Gozzard/
Jock McFee/Mike Hill/Jamie Stevens
SKA phase transfer tests 4cm/15mm 23-May-2016
CX357 Shari Breen/Simon Ellingsen Methanol in 30Dor 7mm 20-May-2016
CX356 Duchesne/Johnston-Hollitt MWA follow-up 16cm 27-apr-2016
CX355 Hancock/Frail GMRT follow-up 16cm 27-apr-2016
CX354 Murphy/Bannister TGSS follow-up 16cm/4cm 31-mar-2016
CX353 Stevens/Webster Feb-2016
CX352 Maria Strandet High-z star-forming galaxy Feb-2016
CX351 James Miller-Jones PSR 1259-63 4cm Feb-2016
CX350 Jane Kaczmarek Hickson Group Galaxies 12-Feb-2016
CX349 Paul Hancock SN follow-up 15mm 09-Feb-2016
CX348 Paul Hancock candidate TDE 15mm 27-Jan-2016
CX347 Simon Johnston Cycle time tests for slow pulsars 16cm 20-Jan-2016
CX346 Aina Musaeva X-ray source in nearby galaxy 4cm 10-Jan-2016
Vacation students Student projects 16cm/4cm/15mm Jan-2016
CX342 Hancock SN follow-up 4cm 30-Dec-2015
CX341 Cunningham/Jones HI absorption toward GRBs 16cm 05-Dec-2015
CX340 Miller-Jones ASASSN-15lh 16cm 02-dec-2015
CX339 Rea/Wieringa CV with XMM 4cm 02-dec-2015
CX338 Alexander/Wieringa 2MASX 4cm 13-Nov-2015
CX337 Marcin Glowacki Search for HI absorption 16cm 21-Oct-2015
CX336 James Miller-Jones Gamma-Ray Binary 4cm 21-Oct-2015
CX335 Edwards/Stevens 3FGL follow-up 4cm 12-Oct-2015
CX334 Josh Marvil EMU/ATCA pilot 16cm? 01-Oct-2015
CX333 Paul Hancock/Graeme Wong SN 15cm 17-Sep-2015
CX332 Jamie Stevens ANTARES counterpart? 4cm 04-Sep-2015
CX331 Jim Jackson GBT survey follow-up 1cm 14-Aug-2015
CX330 Paul Hancock/Vanessa Moss PSN J23002463+0137368 1cm 13-Aug-2015
CX329 Vanessa Moss "The quad" 1cm 13-Aug-2015
CX328 Elizabeth Stanway/Jamie Stevens Variability in AT Sco 4cm 13-Aug-2015
CX327 Keith Bannister Looking for GRB Candidates 16cm,4cm,15mm 7-May-2015
CX326 Assaf Horesh, Paul Hancock, Tsvi Prian GRB060614 2.1GHz 4-May-2015
CX325 Marcin Glowacki Water Megamaser detection test 12mm 24-Apr-2015
CX324 Josh Marvil Pulsar Mode tests 4cm 15-Apr-2015
CX323 Ian Heywood candidate nova 4cm 9-Apr-2015
CX322 Lisa Harvey-Smith BETA OH Maser Follow-up 16cm 2-Apr-2015
CX321 Tasso Tzioumis Cir X1 4cm 8-Apr-2015
CX320 Max Voronkov Verifying HI detection in Eridanus 2 16cm 30-Mar-2015
CX319 David McConnell Galactic plane scan for BETA comparison 16cm 15-Mar-2015
CX318 Natalie Webb HLX-1   11-Mar-2015
CX317 Emil Lenc ASKAP Polarisation Comparision tests 16cm 11-Feb-2015
CX316 Paolo Serra Follow-up of ASKAP HI Observation 16cm 18-Feb-2015
CX315 Emily Petrov FRB follow-up 4cm 16-Feb-2015
CX314 Aina Musaeva HLX-1 in ESO 243-49    
CX313 Jamie Stevens/Steve Tingay Investigating L-band varability in J2324-2719 16cm 14-Jan-2015
CX312 Martin Bell Search for Radio Emission from Brown Dwarves   -Jan-2015
CX311 Vikram Ravi Candidate Tidal Disruption Event 4cm 7-Jan-2015
CX310 Andrew O'Brien A survey of young SNRs 15-dec-2014
CX309 Roberto Soria Transient ULX 4cm 01-dec-2014
CX308 Phil Edwards 1830-211 revisited L
CX307 Vanessa Moss GPS Sources L
CX306 Antonia Rowlinson AGN obs K/C/X/L 27-Oct-2014
CX305 Phil Edwards Looking for HI-absorption towards 1934-638 L 20-Oct-2014
CX304 ACES team BETA follow-up 16cm 20-Oct-2014
CX303 Seymour MWA follow-up 4cm 18-Oct-2014
CX302 Bell/Burlon Rapid X-ray transient 08-Oct-2014
CX301 Edwards Pilot study J1838-3427 15mm 02-Oct-2014
CX300 Cunningham/Jones H20/SiO masers 15mm/7mm 04-Sep-2014
CX299 Petrov/Stevens Fermi flaring source J1732.9+1515 4cm 21-Aug-2014
CX298 Kerr/Johnston/Stevens mm observations of Vela pulsar 15/7/3mm 7-Aug-2014
CX297 Jürgen Ott Cm-Line Survey of Nearby Starburst Galaxies    
CX296 Jürgen Ott Dense Gas in the Galactic Center: X-band Lines    
CX295 Jürgen Ott Diffuse Atomic Gas around CenA    
CX294 Megan Johnson HI Observations of Dwarf Galaxies 16cm 9-Jun-2014
CX293 Simon Johnston Followup of FRB detected at Parkes 2.1, 5.5 9GHz  
CX292 Paolo Serra HI observation of NGC 1400 16cm 4-Apr-2014
CX291 Max Voronkov Class I methanol masers in G1.6-0.025 7mm 30-Mar-2014
CX290 Jane Kaczmarek Fariday Point sources in Magellanic Bridge 2.1GHz 17-Mar-2014
CX289 Nick Seymour Serendipitous RGZ source X 7-Jan-2014
CX288 Aquib Moin/Mark Wieringa GRB 140213A 5.5/9 GHz 21-Feb-2014
CX287 Melanie Johnston-Hollitt/Natasha Hurley-Walker Follow-up on MWA discovery L 21-Feb-2014
CX286 Mark Wieringa Exploritory observations of XSS J12270-4859 binary L 20-Feb-2014
CX285 Graeme Wong LMC L 21-Jan-2013
CX284 Piro/Wieringa GRB130925A
CX283 Max Voronkov Evolutionary stages without the 6.7-GHz methanol maser 4cm  
CX282 Keith Bannister
CX281 Ryan Shannon/Vikram Ravi Parkes follow-up C/X 6-Nov-2013
CX280 Jose Gomez, Olga Suarez & Jimi Green ALMA precursor 15-oct-2013
CX279 Keith Bannister GRB 130925A oct-2013
CX278 Paul Hancock SN oct-2013
CX277 Ivy Wong/Tom Franzen Neutral gas in blue star-forming early-type
galaxies with AGN properties
20cm 3-Oct-2013
CX276 Tom Franzen Multi-frequency followup obs of AT20G-Deep Sample 4cm, 12 & 7mm 23-Sep-2013
CX275 Frederic Boone High-z galaxy 7mm 02-sep-2013
CX274 Yiannis Gondiakis Dust-grains in Post-AGB Stars 5,7.5,18,20,94,10 GHz 1-Mar-2013
CX273 Stacy Mader      
CX272 Paul Hancock iPTF13dge 5500/9000 MHz 5-sep-2013
CX271 Lisa Harvey-Smith Monitoring of the stingray nebula 17000/19000 MHz 08-aug-2013
CX270 Paul Hancock GRB130702   07-jul-2013
CX269 Naomi McClure-Griffiths Test Autocorrelation Mapping Tests 2.1GHz  
CX268 Shane O'Sullivan Polarization calibration support for
VLBA observations of Cen A
5GHz 5-Jul-2013
CX267 Jessica Chapman/Daniel Tafoya Observations of Water Masers towards
Water-Fountain Nebulae
22GHz 20-Jun-2013
CX266 Migliari/Miller-Jones 4U1608-52   02-jun-2013
CX265 Jacqueline Radigan WISE J104915.57-531906.1. C/X 1-May-2013
CX264 Ryan Shannon Sagittarius Magnetar C/X/K 1-May-2013
CX263 Lisa Harvey-Smith ASKAP followup   12-Apr-2013
CX262 Mike Kesteven/Jamie Stevens Holography 4cm 22-Apr-2013
CX261 Yiannis Gonidakis      
CX260 Vicki Lowe Vela C C/X  
CX259 Vicki Lowe OH in Vela C L  
CX258 Graeme Wong/Enrico Bozzo X-Ray Transient in M28 4cm 3-Apr-2013
CX257 Jimi Green Methanol masers in the Magellanic Clouds 16/4cm 20-Mar-2013
CX256 Sarah B. Spolaor Imaging HTRU bursts locations   21-Mar-2013
CX255 Alex Wolszczan et al/Mark Wieringa WISEJ104953 4cm 09-Mar-2013
CX254 Stephen Ng/Jamie Stevens Enigmatic Torque Variation in a Magnetar 16cm 04-Mar-2013
CX253 Stacy Mader Variability of a water maser in R CrA K-band 22-Nov-2012
CX252 Minnie Mao A spiral radio galaxy 4cm 20-Feb-2012
CX251 Yiannis Gonidakis Search for masers in late type stars 16, 6, 3, 1.5cm 10-Dec-2012
CX250 Edwards/O'Sullivan ATCA pol. cal. for v471 16cm 20-Jan-2013
CX249 Bannister/Komossa Transient follow-up 16cm,4cm, 15mm 12-Jan-2013
CX248 Petrov/Edwards Optical transient 4cm 07-Jan-2013
CX247 Max Voronkov Occultation of radio sources by comet Panstarrs L4 16cm  
CX246 Simon Ellingsen/Shari Breen/Vasaant Krishnan Potential SMC and LMC Calibrators for VLBI 21/23 GHz 6-Dec-2012
CX245 Steven Tingay/Jamie Stevens GRB121027A 6/3cm 31-Oct-2012
CX244 Bannister/Hancock LBV SN 26-Sep-2012
CX243 Shari Breen Carina Maser Confirmation 15mm 13-Jul-2012
CX242 Keith Bannister candidate microquasar 6/3cm 26-Jun-2012
CX241 Wouter Vlemmings, Yiannis Gondakis ALMA follow-up 6/3cm, 15mm 10-Jun-2012
CX240 Jamie Stevens/Atish Kamble Bright near-infrared transient VVV-WIT-01 16/6/3cm 21-May-2012
CX239 Ivy Wong What Shapes Galaxies? L 2-May-2012
CX238 Keith Bannister A variabble Molonglo source 23-Mar-2012
CX237 Max Voronkov Search for 23.4 GHz methanol masers 23.4GHz 22-Mar-2012
CX236 Jennifer Weston/Minnie Mao RT Cru C/X 19-Mar-2012
CX235 Marek Jamrozy A spiral hosted radio galaxy C/X 12-Mar-2012
CX234 Phil Edwards 2FGL candidate counterpart C/X 1-Mar-2012
CX233 Vanessa Moss SNR candidates C/X 21-Feb-2012
CX232 Leith Godfrey IDV core shifts C/X 16-Feb-2012
CX231 Josep Paredes PSR1259-63 C/X 25-Jan-2012
CX230 Albert Kong Follow-up of an supersoft ultraluminous
X-ray transient
6/3cm 21-Dec-2011
CX229 Tom Franzen     22-Dec-2011
CX228 Tom Franzen     22-Dec-2011
CX227 Ioannis Gonidakis
CX226 Paul Hancock GRB 111209A 45GHz 10-Dec-2011
CX225 Marcella Massaradi/Roberto Ricci Blazar Confirmations 33 & 39GHz 8-Nov-2011
CX224 Ettore Carretti Extended emission in a Galaxy cluster 16cm 12-Oct-2011
CX223 Max Voronkov/Shari Breen/Simon Ellingsen Methanol absorption towards PKS1830-211 4-Nov-2011
CX222 Tony Rushton/Sebastian Muller/Robin Wark Recombination line emission and
absorption toward Sgr A*
3mm 7-Oct-2011
CX221 Jamie Stevens/Phil Edwards/Michal Michalowski ToO followup of GRB 111005A 6cm/3cm/16cm/15mm 7-Oct-2011
CX220 Jamie Stevens/Aquib Moin ToO followup of MAXI J1836-194 6cm/3cm 5-Sep-2011
CX219 Jamie Stevens/Carlo Ferrigno The X-ray flaring source IGR J17361-4441 6cm/3cm/15mm 25-Aug-2011
CX218 Brian Schmidt/Tara Murphy/Paul Hancock GRB110715A mm 17-Jul-2011
CX217 Ashley Zauderer/Edo Berger/Adam Burgasser Radio Emission from Brown Dwarves 6&3cm 10-Jul-2011
CX216 Jamie Stevens High redshift galaxy search 16cm 01-Jun-2011
CX215 Bob Sault Maser for EVLA testing ? ?
CX214 Tasso Tzioumis Check of Potential VLBI Targets 3cm 20-May-2011
CX213 Paul Hancock T Pyx 16cm/6cm/3cm/15mm/7mm/3mm 22-Apr-2011
CX212 Dave McConnell CABB experience on some southern point sources 6cm/3cm/1.5cm/7mm 19-May-2011
CX211 Tasso Tzioumis T Pyx 6cm/3cm 15-Apr-2011
CX210 Ivy Wong Search for HI in potential starforming galaxies 16cm 7-Apr-2011
CX209 Ray Norris Sub-mm source 16cm/6cm/3cm 22-Mar-2011
CX208 Jamie Stevens Steep Spectrum Low Frequency Source 16cm 3-Mar-2011
CX207 Jamie Stevens/Mike Keith Check Pulsar/Tied-array Detectionability 16cm 14-Feb-2011
CX206 Jamie Stevens Checking Radio Source C/X 7-Feb-2011
CX205 Minnie Mao Obtain Spectral Index of PKS2300-307 16/6/3cm 8-Jan-2011
CX204 Maxim Voronkov 6/3cm/15mm Jan 2011
CX203 Maxim Voronkov Radio Stars 6cm/3cm, 16cm 8-Dec-2010
CX202 Simon Johnston/Mike Keith 6cm/3cm 17-Nov-2010
CX201 Russell Jurek/Bärbel Koribalski Red Quasar Radio Detections 6cm/3cm 17-Nov-2010
CX200 Simone Migliari/Tasso Tzioumis Terzan 5 X-ray Binary pulsar 6cm 14-Oct-2010
CX199 MAXI J1659-152 Alexander van der Horst 6/3cm 26-Sep-2010
CX198 Crab Burst Paul Hancock et al. 1.4GHz 24-Sep-2010
CX197 Tara Murphy/ Marcella Massardi/
Ray Norris
Flaring Blazar C/X/K/Q/W 12-Aug-2010
CX196 Kitty Lo Flaring X-ray source C/X 16-Jul-2010
CX195 Rob Fender Cir X-1 C/X 15-Jun-2010
CX194 Valeriu Tudose/Jamie Stevens Swift J1749.4-2807 in outburst C/X 18-Apr-2010
CX193 Phil Edwards PKS B0906+015 gamma-ray flare C/X apr-2010
CX192 Andrea Possenti/Mark Wieringa Check for Flux in SGR1833-0832 L 22-Mar-2010
CX191 Mark Wieringa GRB 100316D C/X? 18-Mar-2010
CX190 Simone Migliari/Tasso Tzioumis X-ray binary GX9+9 C 10-Mar-2010
CX189 Vicki Lowe H2O maser followup K  
CX188 Tom Maccarone/
Jess Broderick
Coordinated observations of A0620-00 C/X/Q 23-Mar-2010
CX187 Peter Tuthill/
Elizabeth Mahoney
Radio spectrum of MWC 922 L/S/C/X/K 10-Feb-2010
CX186 Poonam Chandra/
Mark Wieringa
Monitoring SN2008iy C/X/K 13-Jan-2010
CX185 Tim O'Brien/Jamie Stevens Monnitoring recurrent Nova USco C/X 29-Jan-2010
CX184 Tim O'Brien/Jamie Stevens Monitoring KTEri outburst L/C/X/K 22-Jan-2010
CX183 Stuart Ryder Monitoring SN 2009mk   21-Jan-2010
CX17 V. Tudose, A. Tzioumis The accreting millisecond pulsar
Swift J1756.9-2508 in outburst
C/X 15-Jul-2009
CX180 Mike Keith/Simon Johnston J1623-4949B L 12JPL-Jun-2009
CX179 Stephane Corbel (Robin Wark) Black Hole Candidate State Change C/X 14-May-2009
CX178 Simone Migliari (Jamie Stevens) 4U1820-30 in a hard state C/X 09-May-2009
CX177 Rob Fender (Jamie Stevens) GX339-4 C/X 01-May-2009
CX176 Balt Indermühle SiO Maser Followup 7mm 22-Apr-2009
CX175 James Urquhart     26-Apr-2009
CX175 Jamie Stevens ECDFS Obs   19-Apr-2009
CX174 Elizabeth Mahoney, James Urquhart, Maxim Voronkov,
Ray Norris, Minnie Mao
NGC6334 Obs 19-Apr-2009
CX173 Maxim Voronkov Galactic HII Regions 6/3cm 13-Apr-2009
CX172 Jamie Stevens, Bjorn Emonts,
Maxim Voronkov, Michael Kesteven
Circinus Imaging 6/3cm 13-Apr-2009
CX171 Maxim Voronkov NGC612 6/3cm 13-Apr-2009
CX170 Luke Hindson, Bjorn Emonts G305 6/3cm 12-Apr-2009
CX169 Jamie Stevens, Bjorn Emonts, Maxim Voronkov SN2009BB (ToO) 6/3cm 12-Apr-2009
CX168 Bjorn Emonts, Maxim Voronkov, Jamie Stevens Testing 1934-638 & G343.12-0.06/PKS2152-69 6/3cm 11-Apr-2009
CX167 Michael Bode Detection Experiment for recurrent nova 6cm 10-Feb-2009
CX166 Steve Curren Search for Rotation Transition in a
Damped Lyman-α Absorber
7mm 3-Dec-2008
CX165 Oleg Titov Check flux of 1922-224 for VLBI obs L/S 3-Nov-2008
CX164 Bryan Gaensler Spectropolarimetry of 3C286 20cm 09-oct-2008
CX163 Attila Popping mosaicing galaxies 20cm 26-Sep-2008
CX162 Tasso Tzioumis SAX1804-3658 3cm/6cm 24-Sep-2008
CX161 Katherine Newton-McGee Thesis tidy-up 6cm 18-Sep-2008
CX160 Jürgen Ott Shocks in NGC1365 7mm 16-Sep-2008
CX159 Minnie Mao High redshift CO Detection Q 30-Aug-2008
CX158 Angel Lopez-Sanchez GRB080804 C/X 5-Aug-2008
CX157 Simon Ellingsen/Shari Breen Water Megamasers 22GHz 21-Jul-2008
CX156 Fernando Camilo/John Reynolds J1437-5959 20/13cm 11-Jul-2008
CX155 Ray Norris/Minnie Mao Megamasers 12mm 2-Jul-2008
CX154 Phil Edwards Multiwavelength campaign for PKS2126-15 12mm 13-Apr-2008
CX153 Stuart Ryder & Shaun Amy SN2008BK detection experiment C/X 31-Mar-2008
CX152 Maxim Voronkov Search for Strong Transient Burst L-band 23-Mar-2008
CX151 Lincoln Greenhill Water Maser Flux Density Measurement K-band 17-Jan-2008
CX150 Mike Kesteven Offsetbeam vs El tests Q
CX149 DA Workshop various variouis 19-Nov-2007
CX148 Poonan Chandra GRB071112b X 13-Nov-2007
CX147 Phil Edwards Suspected IDV source X/K 11-Nov-2007
CX146 Shari Breen
CX145 Jürgen Ott
CX144 Ray Norris/Ilana Klamer
CX143 Stuart Ryder SN 2007it X 14-Sep-2007
CX142 Stephane Corbel An intermediate mass black hole? X 14-Sep-2007
CX141 Phil Edwards Multifrequency obs on 2251+158 L/S,C/X,K,Q,W 13-Aug-2007
CX140 Melanie Johnston-Hollitt Confirmation of the Radio Relic in A3128 ? 20-Jul-2007
CX139 Jürgen Ott Water Masers in the LMC K 24-Jul-2007
CX138 Tasso Tzioiumis Multi-wavelength Campaign for Sgr A* 7mm 10-Jul-2007
CX137 Elana Gallo LMC X-3 C 4-Jun-2007
CX136 Andrea Possenti/John Reynolds X-ray millisecond binary pulsar
SWIFT J1756.9-2508
C/X 20-Jun-2007
CX135 Fernando Camilo/John Reynolds The Second Radio Magnetar? L/S 18-June-2007
CX134 Jim Lovell/Phil Edwards 7mm obs of PKS1820-211 7mm 10-Jun-2007
CX133 Emma Kirby HI Obs of New CenA dwarf Galaxy 21cm 3-May-2007
CX132 Emma Kirby HI Obs of New CenA dwarf Galaxy 21cm 3-May-2007
CX131 Steve Longmore/Andrew Walsh
CX130 Ilana Feain Absorption PKS1830-211 7mm 20-Apr-2007
CX129 Ilana Feain Orion Spectra at 7mm 7mm 20-Apr-2007
CX128 Alexander van der Horst GRB061121 6/3cm 27/28-Nov-2006
CX127 Steven Tingay Multi-wavelength concurrent
observations of PKS 0537-286
20/13cm, 6/3cm 20-Oct-2006
CX126 Evert Rol GRB061007 C/X, 12mm 8-Oct-2006,
CX125 Dave McConnell Is the ATCA a viable alternative to Parkes
for the large 13cm polarimetry survey?
13cm 25-Sep-2006
CX124 Andrea Possenti XMM observations of 1810-197 3mm 23-Sep-2006
CX123 Naomi McClure-Griffiths HI Zeeman in the Riegel-Crutcher Cloud 20 cm 6-Sep-2006
CX122 Dion Lewis Vela High Frequency Associations 22GHz 10-Aug-2006
CX121 Ilana Klamer HI absorption against PicA L 5-Aug-2006
CX120 Phil Edwards Suzaku multiwavelength campaign 1510-089 C/X L/S 11-Jul-2006
CX119 Mark Wieringa/Dale Frail GRB060719 3cm 31-Jul-2006
CX118 Phil Edwards TeV outburst PKS2155-304 L/S, C/X Jul-2006
CX117 KAT demonstration observation 21cm 24-Jul-2006
CX116 Simone Migliari/Tasso Tzioumis 4U1608-522 outburst 3cm 13-Jul-2006
CX115 Shari Breen Water Masers in the G333.2-0.6 Molecular Cloud 12mm 19-Jun-2006
CX114 Tony Wong ? 3mm 23-May-2006
CX113 Fernando Camilo/Jürgen Ott Transient Pulsed Radio Emission
from XTE J1810-197
3mm 17-May-2006
CX112 Jürgen Ott and Ilana Klamer Feasibility of Mapping CenA lobes 6/3 21-Mar-2006
CX111 Naomi McClure-Griffiths NH3 drips at the edge of HI bubbles 12mm 7-Feb-2006
CX110 Maxim Voronkov Methanol in HH75 and the Vela Molecular Ridge 25GHz & 95GHz 7-Feb-2006
CX109 Michael Dahlem/Rob Fender Radio observations of XTE J1701-462 6/3cm 22-Jan-2006
CX108 Bärbel Koribalski HI obs of 'new' GLIMPSE galaxy 20cm 17-Jan-2006
CX107 Brian Schmidt Observations of GRB060117 6/3cm 18-Jan-2006
CX106 Steven Tingay Tests to detect lunar Cherenkov radiation 20cm 11-Jan-2006
CX105 Jennifer Sokoloski Radio observations of RT Cru in outburst 6/3cm 2-Jan-2006
CX104 Paul Jones Polarisation of the radio galaxy NGC 2663 20/13cm 17-Dec-2005
CX103 Jamie McCallum Autocorrelation of Circinus Megamasers 22229MHz 12-Dec-2005
CX102 Steven Tingay 13cm interference tests 13cm 8-Dec-2005
CX101 Pieter Buyle Observations of E+A galaxies
in the Zabludoff sample
20/13cm 5-Dec-2005
CX100 Steven Tingay Polarisation of 0003-066 6/3cm 4-Nov-2005
CX099 Simone Milgari Observations of GRO J1008-57 3cm 5-Nov-2005
CX098 Vince McIntyre HI in NGC1510 1400MHz 3-Nov-2005
CX097 Michael Dahlem HI in SGCs 1400MHz 3-Nov-2005
CX096 Phil Edwards/Tasso Tzioumis Multiwavelength campaign for GRS1915+105 6/3cm 17-Oct-2005
CX095 Nissim Kanekar/Ravi Subrahmanyan Red-shifted CO towards PKS 0438-436 3mm system 4-Oct-2005
CX094 Rachel Deacon Polarisation calibration in support of P414 1666 MHz 09-Sep-2005
CX093 David Blank Search for a debris disk around GJ876 3mm 04-Sep-2005
CX092 Maxim Voronkov Masers in Orion 104 & 95 GHz 16-Aug-2005
CX091 Bärbel Koribalski HI observations in M99 1420Mhz, 1382Mhz 26-Jul-2005
CX090 Katherine Newton-McGee/Tamara Helfer Pilot for Zeeman splitting
observations of C2H
3mm 1-Jul-2005
CX089 Leith Godfrey/Jürgen Ott Mopra/ATCA SiO maser cross-calibration 86 GHz 30-May-2005
CX088 David McConnell/Naomi McClure-Griffiths Polarisation calibration in support of P409 20cm 21-May-2005
CX087 Jürgen Ott/ Christian Henkel OH in IRAS11506-3581 6cm 11-May-2005
CX086 Michael Dahlem HI in edge on spiral (fill UV planes) L 6-Apr-2005
CX085 Stuart Ryder SN2005at in NGC6744 C/X 26-Mar-2005
CX084 Kinwah Wu GRB050401 6.7 & 8GHz (no CA03 or CA04) 31-Mar-2005
CX083 Steve Longmore Methonal Masers in Delta Quadrant Region 6.7 & 8GHz (no CA03 or CA04) 31-Mar-2005
CX082 Tracey Hill NH3 in a sample of SIMBA sources 23 GHz 22-Mar-2005
CX081 Schmidt/Wieringa GRB050315 Re-numbered C1435 16-Mar-2005
CX080 Ryder SN 2005af in NGC4945 6/3 cm 15-Feb-2005
CX079 Kulkarni/Frail Outburst of SGR1806-20 1.4, 4.8 GHz 16-Feb-2005
CX078 Kouveliotou/Gaensler Outburst of SGR1806-20 1.4/2.3, 4.8/8.6 GHz 8-Jan-2005
CX077 Kouveliotou/Frail/Gaensler/Kulkarni Outburst of SGR1806-20 1.4/2.3, 4.8/8.6 GHz 5-Jan-2005
CX076 Lakshmi Saripalli The nature of ULX sources in NGC5774/5775 1.4/2.3, 4.8/8.6 GHz 31-Dec-2004
CX075 Maxim Voronkov 9.9 GHz Methanol Maser searches 9.9GHz 16-Dec-2004
CX074 Steven Tingay Image of PKS0344-345 K/128MHz 22-Nov-2004
CX073 Michael Dahlem Observations of NGC 4700 6/3cm 19-Oct-2004
CX072 Chris Phillips 3cm survey of the delta quadrant 3cm 12-Sep-2004
CX071 Rob Fender, Tasso Tzioumis The jet-powered nebula around Cir X-1 20/13cm 3-Sep-2004
CX070 Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer Intraday variability of 0405-385 20/13cm, 6/3cm, 12mm 31-Aug-2004
CX069 Jamie McCallum Circinus H2O maser 12mm 23-Aug-2003
CX068 Steve Curran OH in high redshift systems
(Parkes projects P458 and P466)
20cm 20-Jul-2004,
CX067 Bob Sault Outburst of V4641 Sgr 6/3cm 7-Jul-2004
CX066 Lakshmi Saripalli A contimuum observation of NGC 5018 20/13cm 30-May-2004
CX065 Paul Kondratko Extremely high-velocity emission in Circinus 22235 MHz 20-May-2004
CX064 Diana Londish Radio Quiet BL Lac Object 1344/1432 MHz 13-May-2004
CX063 James Urquhart, Demitri Muna High Resolution observations of high-mass star
formation within the bright-rimmed cloud SFO 79
8309/4800MHz 3-May-2004
CX062 Bärbel Koribalski ATCA HI Survey of Nearby Galaxies 1417/1384 MHz 10-Apr-2004
CX061 Dion Lewis Coordinated multiwavelength observations of PKS2004-447 20/13cm,6/3cm,12mm 13-Apr-2004
CX060 Tony Wong Ammonia in the Cha I and II Molecular Clouds 12mm 12-Mar-2004
CX059 Jürgen Ott Search for CO(2-1) in the z=10 galaxy 12mm 9-Mar-2004
CX058 Jürgen Ott Atomic and Molecular Gas in
Low Metallicity and Starburst Galaxies
20cm 2-Mar-2004
CX057 Michael Dahlem HI Observations of Elipticals in Different Environments 20cm/8&128MHz 20-Feb-2004
CX056 Bärbel Koribalski HI Content of Distant Clusters 1350MHz 15-Feb-2004
CX055 Giuseppe Cimo et. al. IDV quasar PMN J1326-52156 20/13cm, 6/3cm, 12mm 22-Jan-2004
CX054 Dale Frail/Mark Wieringa GRB040106 3cm 9-Jan-2004
CX053 Jessica Chapman IRAS 17317 6,3cm 22-Dec-2003
CX052 Brian Boyle Radio Quiet Blazar 20cm 24-Nov-2003
CX051 Sergei Pogrebenko, Bob Sault Sources in the Huygens-Titan encounter field   14-Nov-2003
CX050 Steven Tingay, Craig West Base Band Data Taking Tests   30-Sep-2003
CX049 Jules Harnett, Michael Dahlem 12mm obs of Nearby Starburst Galaxies 12mm 1-Jul-2003
CX048 Dick Manchester Position of PSR J0738-3033   28-Jun-2003
CX047 Ilana Klamer/Ron Ekers CO in high redshift quasars 22 GHz 17-May-2003
CX046 Steven Tingay GPS Spectral Indices 22 GHz 25-Apr-2003
CX044 Bryan Gaensler IGR J16358-4726   13-Apr-2003
CX043 Michael Dahlem HI observations of early type galaxies 1.4 & 2.3 GHz 13-Mar-2003
CX042 Steven Tingay New GPS source 1.4, 2.4, 4.8, 8.6 & 18 GHz obs 4-Mar-2003
CX041 Tony Wong Orion Flare 3cm & 12mm obs 30-Jan-2003
CX040 Diana Hannikainen X-Ray source XTE J1450-603 C/X, 128MHz 5-Dec-2002
CX1001 Jules Harnett Radio observations of NGC986   11-Nov-2002
CX039 Brian Boyle Gravitational lens candidate 4.8 and 8.64 GHz 7-Nov-2002
CX038 Dion Lewis PSR1055-52 4.8 & 5.6 GHz, Pulsar Binning 28-Oct-2002
CX037 Bob Sault Looking for Core Variability in PKSB0521-36
(coinciding with XMM obs)
3 ant, 4 pols 9-Oct-2002
CX036 Rachel Deacon 22.235GHz Maser emission in post-AGB stars 3 ant, 4 pols 20-Sep-2002
CX035Bryan Gaensler XTE1751-305   06-Apr-2002
CX034 Steven Tingay & Naomi McClure-Griffiths HI absorption distance estimate to Henz-90 20cm, 4MHz 19-Mar-2002
CX033 Stuart Ryder SN2001ig X 16-Dec-2001
CX032 Rob Fender X-Ray Transient 4U 1608-52 4800, 4928 08-Nov-2001
CX031 Rob Fender X-Ray Transient L/S 07-Sep-2001
CX030 Steven Tingay & Dave Rayner Faraday Rotation Measurement of PKS1718-649 6 ant, 2 IF 03-Aug-2001
CX029 Jules Harnett Magnetic FIelds in NGC6215 & NGC6221 6cm 31-Jul-2001
CX028 Ravi Subrahmanyan et al. AMiBA tests   30-Apr-2001
CX027 Elaine Sadler et al. tests for large L-band survey 6 ant L-band, 128MHz 2-Apr-2001
CX026 Rob Fender GRO J1550-564   09-Feb-2001
CX025 et al. mm rx tests 86000MHz 01-Nov-2000
CX024 ? 4U1630-47 ? 15-Nov-2000
CX023 Jim Caswell/Ed Churchwell Looking for OH maser emission in
He2-10 starburst region
1661MHz 01-Nov-2000
CX022 Hayley Bignall New Interday Variables ??? 07-Mar-2000
CX021 ??? ??? ??? 07-Mar-2000
CX020 Steven Tingay Investigate Planetary Nebula Jets in Hen2-90   07-Mar-2000
CX019 Vacation Students Testing Unified Models of Seyfert Galaxies   17-Jan-2000
CX018 Vacation Students Effects of Different materials placed
in front of feed horns
CX017 Vacation Students HI Imaging of 1211-43   17-Jan-2000
CX016 Vacation Students SN1999EM   17-Jan-2000
CX012 Tasso Tzioumis New optically Bright Source appeared   28-Jan-1999
CX011 Vacation Students      
CX010 Vacation Students      
CX009 Vacation Students      
CX008 Ray Norris EQ-Peg 20/13/6/3 128MHz  
CX007 Vince McIntyre XTE J1550-564 20/13/6/3 128MHz 16-Sep-1998
CX006 Maria Hunt Search for SN1998dq 6/3cm, 128MHz 28-Aug-1998
CX005 Mark Wieringa
Shri Kilkarni
Detection of Radio emission from SN1998CV 20/13/6/3, 128MHz 15-Jul-1998
CX004 Ray Norris
CX003   XTEJ1748-288  10-Jun-1998
CX002 Bryan Gaensler Radio detection of SAX J1808.4-3658, a newly
discovered accreting X-Ray msec pulsar
20/13/6/3 128MHz 26-Apr-1998
CX001 Dick Manchester Position of newly discovered Pulsars 1384/128MHz, 2496/128MHz 31-Mar-1998, 29-Aug-2000

Mopra Observations

MX035 Shari Breen CO follow-up of 1325-115   8-May-2017
MX034 Balthasar Indermühle Detecting V1-0 SiO maser emission in V1309 Sco 7/3mm 31-May-2015
MX033 Joanne Dawson Map Possible Instability-Formed Molecular Drips in a GMC 3mm 13-May-2014
MX032 Gary Fuller Search for Spectral lines in Comets 12/7/3mm 16-Nov-2012
MX031 Jimi Green Observations of 3mm CO transitions towards masers
associated with the Crux-Scutum spiral arm
3mm 24-Nov-2011
MX030 Stacy Mader 12CO and 13CO maps of P798 mm 23-Jan-2012
MX029 Keith Bannister, Balt Indermühle Automated GRB searches 1.4GHz 20-Dec-2011
MX028 Jürgen Ott 30 Dor 111GHz 21-Sep-2011
MX027 Annie Hughes Search for CO emission associated with
Spitzer YSOs in the LMC (pilot)
111GHz 31-Aug-2011
MX025 Gordon McIntosh, Balt Indermühle Monitoring Mira / o Ceti maser linear polarization 43 & 86GHz 26-Oct-2010
MX024 G. McIntosh, B. Indermühle Monitoring VY CMa SiO maser linear polarization 43 & 86GHz 26-Oct-2010
MX023 Tomasz Kaminski, Shuji Deguchi,
Romuald Tylenda, Balthasar Indermühle
Looking for SiO masers in the red nova V1309 Sco 7mm 27-Jul-2010
MX022 Martin Bureau, Timothy Davis and Erik Muller CO in Early Galaxies 12CO 14-Jun-2010
MX021 Indermühle, Urquhart, Wilson Commissioning observations for Mopra fast mapping:
Observing a square degree map of the G305 region
12CO, 13CO and C18O 28-Oct-2009
MX019 Maxim Voronkov Thermal environment of methanol masers 36 & 44GHz 25-Dec-2008
MX018 Erik Muller Search for CO in a TDG candidate that is
associated with NGC1512.
? 28-Aug-2008
MX017 Jo Dawson Follow up observations of galactic chimney GSH 287+04-17 ? 18-Jul-2008
MX016 Nadia Lo & Shari Breen Follow-up of methanol masers and
high velocity water masers
? 12-jul-2008
MX015 Maxim Voronkov Methanol in the vicinity of BHR71 36GHz 27-May-2008
MX014 Deanna Matthews Cool gas in the Magellanic Stream 115GHz 14th June, 2007
MX014 Maria Cunningham/Paul Jones Broadband line obs of 268.4-0.8 & G345.5+1.5 86 - 100GHz 28th May, 2007
MX013 Maria Cunningham/Paul Jones Mapping RCW 36 (G265.1+1.5) 86 - 100GHz 28th May, 2007
MX012 Shari Breen CO in Mon R2 115GHz 29th May, 2007
MX011 Padelis Papadopoulos CO in ULIRG IRAS 05189-2524 115GHz 13th April, 2007
MX010 Amy Lovell, Erik Muller 3mm observations of C/2006 P1 McNaught 3mm December 2006
MX009 Jorge Pineda, J. Ott, U. Klein, C. Henkel,
T. Wong, A. Hughes, E. Muller
A 3mm Line Survey in the Molecular Arc in the LMC 3mm 17-Jul-2006 to 2-Aug-2006
MX008 Rajan Chhetri, Maria Cunningham Molecular abundance variations in the
molecular clouds of the LMC
3mm 4-Oct-2005 to 10-Oct-2005
MX007 Jürgen Ott CO in NGC253 3mm 9-Aug-2005
MX006 Tony Wong/Stuart Ryder Circumnuclear rings as probes of star formation 3mm 4-Sep-2005
MX005 Pieter Buyle Molecular gas in Local Group dwarf irregular galaxies 3mm 19-Oct-2005
MX004 Jorge Galvez Barnard 68 3mm 29-May-2005
MX003 Jürgen Ott/Leith Godfrey Mopra/ATCA SiO maser cross-calibration 86 GHz 30-May-2005
MX002 Jürgen Ott The influence of the radiation field
on the molecular gas in the LMC
115 GHz 28-May-2005
MX001 Katherine Newton-McGee CN and C4H observations with the Mopra Telescope   8-10-Oct-2004

VLBI Observations

VX004 Chris Phillips Dual DAS test   3-Nov-2005
VT004 Steven Tingay Tests of VLBI at 3mm   27-Aug-2005
VX003 Matthew Bailes/Adam Deller eVLBI of the double pulsar   16-Jul-2005
VT003 Chris Phillips Tests of Huygens observing system/Tests to NZ   7-Dec-2004
VX002 Dave Jauncey Observations of 0408-385 64MHz BW 18-Nov-2004
VX001 Chris Phillips VLBI disk tests 64MHz BW 25-Jul-2004
VT002 Tasso Tzioumis Set-up and fringe checks    
VT001 Steven Tingay VLBI disk tests    

Original: Robin Wark (29-Aug-2000)
Modified: Robin Wark/pge (1-Feb-2017)