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ATCA Millimetre Baseline Corrections

For various reasons, including atmosphere and wrap dependent phase terms, the standard baseline solution determined at 6cm is sometimes not optimal for 3mm, 7mm and 15mm. Unless you can self-calibrate on your source, you will find phase errors resulting from use of the default (6cm) antenna positions, which are especially severe at 3mm. This page lists updates to the baseline solution produced using mm baseline solutions. Lately we've been doing a mm baseline solution straight after the 6cm one, so we are usually able to produce a correction file. This is not usually done though, unless specifically requested. If you'd like to have the mm correction file for a specific configuration, please email Narrabri staff with your request.

Click on the name of the array configuration to see the recommended baseline correction, which can be applied in MIRIAD using atfix dantpos=@file or uvedit dantpos=@file, after saving the link as a text file.


27-AUG-2020, 750B


1-MAY-2019, 1.5B
17-JAN-2019, H75


20-JUL-2015, H75


15-SEP-2014, H214
7-JUL-2014, H75
23-JUN-2014, H168
13-MAR-2014, H168


11-SEP-2013, H214
13-AUG-2013, H168
13-MAR-2013, H214


9-SEP-2012, H214
19-JUL-2012, H75


15-SEP-2011, H75
17-JUL-2011, EW352
4-JUL-2011, H214
5-MAY-2011, 1.5B


5-OCT-2010, H214
14-SEP-2010, H75
4-MAY-2010, H214


9-JUL-2008, H214 (Thanks again to Maxim for the data reduction on this and other 2008 dantpos files.)
8-JUN-2008, 1.5B
19-MAY-2008, EW352
19-MAR-2008, H168

The weather on the evening of 3rd January was poor, and the baseline solution generated for the 6A array config was not good. Therefore, another cm baseline solution was generated on the 15th January. To use this solution, apply the data in a manner similar to that recommended for the mm solutions. An attempt to generate a mm solution will be made on either 18th or 20th January.
15-JAN-2008, 6A (better cm solution for 3rd - 14th January)


13-AUG-2007, H168 (Thanks to Maxim Voronkov for the reduction on this.)


08-AUG-2006, SPLIT
26-APR-2006, H214C


12-OCT-2005, H168C
04-OCT-2005, EW214
15-AUG-2005, H214C
29-JUN-2005, H75C
04-MAY-2005, H168D


15-DEC-2004, 1.5D
15-OCT-2004, H214C
29-SEP-2004, H214C


23-SEP-2003, EW352B
09-SEP-2003, 750F
06-AUG-2003, EW367B
15-JUL-2003, 6D
30-JUN-2003, EW214
11-JUN-2003, 750C
26-MAY-2003, H75B
08-MAR-2003, EW352


14-OCT-2002, 750A
01-OCT-2002, H168B
18-SEP-2002, EW367B
12-AUG-2002, H75B
29-JUL-2002, 750F
19-JUN-2002, EW214B

Original: Mark Wieringa (13-Jul-2006)
Updated: Robin Wark (7-Aug-2008)