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Replacing lost time

A reasonable attempt will be made to replace time lost as a result of override by a NAPA or ToO proposal, or to equipment failure. Time lost resulting from poor weather, RFI, observer errors or remote observing link failure will not be replaced. The following guidelines apply:
  1. In the case of degraded data, the amount of replacement time will be at the discretion of the Head of Science Operations.
  2. Lost time will only be replaced if the time, array configuration and receivers available are scientifically appropriate.
  3. Generally, replacement time will be scheduled during Directors Time. At the Head of Science Operations' discretion, replacement time may also be scheduled during scheduled maintenance. Replacement time cannot displace other scheduled observations.
  4. Once allocated, a replacement slot will take of the status of a normal schedule observation and may be displaced by a higher ranked NAPA or ToO proposal.
  5. When nearing a proposal deadline, if there is little or no prospect of replacement time being available before the start of the next term, then the proposal should be resubmitted to the TAC. The TAC's assessment would then be used for further time allocation.

Original: Bob Sault (12-Nov-2003)
Modified: Phil Edwards (23-oct-2013)