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Rest frequency of spectral lines

Atom/Molecule Line Name Rest frequency
HI neutral hydrogen 1.420405752
OH hydroxyl radical 1.6122310
OH hydroxyl radical 1.6654018
OH hydroxyl radical 1.6673590
OH hydroxyl radical 1.7205300
H2CO ortho-formaldehyde 4.829660
CH3OH methanol 6.668518
HC3N cyanoacetylene 9.098332
CH30H methanol 12.178593
H2CO ortho-formaldehyde 14.488490
C3H2 ortho-cyclopropenylidene 18.343145
H20 ortho-water 22.23507985
NH3 para-ammonia 23.694506
NH3 para-ammonia 23.722634
NH3 ortho-ammonnia 23.870130
SiO silicon monoxide 42.820570
SiO silicon monoxide 43.122090
SiO silicon monoxide 43.423853
CS carbon monosulfide 48.990964
DCO+ deuterated formylium 72.039331
SiO silicon monoxide 85.640456
SiO silicon monoxide 86.243442
H13CO+ formylium 86.754294
SiO silicon monoxide 86.846998
HCN hydrogen cyanide 88.631847
HCO+ formylium 89.188518
HNC hydrogen isocyanide 90.663574
N2H+ diazenylium 93.173809
CS carbon monosulfide 97.980968
C18O carbon monoxide 109.782182
13CO carbon monoxide 110.20137
CO carbon monoxide 115.271203

Also see Lovas, Snyder and Johnson``Recommended rest frequencies for observed interstellar molecular transitions'' (1979), or use Lovas's search engine.

Original: Bob Sault (01-May-2004)
Modified: Robin Wark (3-Apr-2012)