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Duty Astronomer Roster - October, 2018

Duty astronomer times start at 10 am on the start date and finish at 11am on the end date - unless other arrangements are made.

See DA policy for information on DA responsibilites.

Tue 02/10 to Mon 08/10 Andrew O'Brien (Labor Day Holiday on the 1st)
Mon 08/10 to Mon 15/10 Shivani Bhandari
Mon 15/10 to Mon 22/10 Philip Edwards (other dates are possible)
Mon 22/10 to Mon 29/10 Tristan Reynolds
Mon 29/10 to Mon 05/11 Mas Md Said
Mon 05/11 to Mon 12/11 Ross Turner(preferred date: 19th - 26th Novembert)
Mon 12/11 to Mon 19/11 Bradley Meyers
Mon 19/11 to Mon 26/11 Elizabeth Mahony
Mon 26/11 to Mon 03/12 Cherie Day
Mon 03/12 to Mon 10/12 Lei Zhang
Mon 10/12 to Mon 17/12 Lucas Hyland
Mon 17/12 to Mon 24/12 Xiang Zhang
Mon 24/12 to Mon 31/12 George Heald [from Perth] (Christmas week)
Mon 31/12 to Mon 07/01 Jane Kaczmarek [from Parkes] (New Year)
Mon 07/01 to Mon 14/01 Karen Lee-Waddell
Mon 14/01 to Mon 21/01 Philippa Patterson
Mon 21/01 to Tue 29/01 Gemma Anderson
Tue 29/01 to Mon 04/02 Georgios Bekiaris (Australia Day Holiday on 28th Jan)
Mon 04/02 to Mon 11/02 Jamie Stevens
Mon 11/02 to Mon 18/02 Andrew O'Brien
Mon 18/02 to Mon 25/02 Hayley Bignall [from Perth]
Mon 25/02 to Mon 04/03 Stuart Weston
Mon 04/03 to Mon 11/03 Jimi Green
Mon 11/03 to Mon 18/03 Andrew Cameron
Mon 18/03 to Mon 25/03 Chris Riseley [from Perth]
Mon 25/03 to Mon 01/04 Chika Ogbodo

Blue are weeks with a significant amount of maintenance
Orange are weeks with lots of VLBI

Created: Robin Wark (4-Apr-2018)
Modified: Robin Wark (22-Oct-2018)