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Array configurations

Standard configurations of the ATCA

The following table gives a list of the standard configurations. Three configurations (NS214, EW214, and 122C) are not routinely scheduled: observers must specifically request them to be scheduled.

The station names give the distance west or north of two reference points in increments of 15.306 m. See the station locations page for more information.

Note that for the east-west array configurations, the letter denotes a different configuation. Once the north spur was added and "hybrid" arrays scheduled, it became possible to put the antennas on a given set of station posts in a different order. The letter in a hybrid configuration refers to the ordering of antennas, rather than indicating a completely different configuration.

Click on the array name to get the matrix of spacings corresponding to a particular baseline.

 Config          Stations
   6A   W4   W45  W102 W173 W195 W392
   6B   W2   W64  W147 W182 W196 W392 
   6C   W0   W10  W113 W140 W182 W392
   6D   W8   W32  W84  W168 W173 W392
 1.5A   W100 W110 W147 W168 W196 W392
 1.5B   W111 W113 W163 W182 W195 W392
 1.5C   W98  W128 W173 W190 W195 W392
 1.5D   W102 W109 W140 W182 W196 W392
 750A   W147 W163 W172 W190 W195 W392
 750B   W98  W109 W113 W140 W148 W392
 750C   W64  W84  W100 W110 W113 W392
 750D   W100 W102 W128 W140 W147 W392
EW367   W104 W110 W113 W124 W128 W392
EW352   W102 W104 W109 W112 W125 W392

 H214   W98  W104 W113 N5   N14  W392 (also H214B, H214C, H214D)
 H168   W100 W104 W111 N7   N11  W392 (also H168B, H168C, H168D)
  H75   W104 W106 W109 N2   N5   W392 (also H75B, H75C)

EW214   W98  W102 W104 W109 W112 W392 (not routinely scheduled)
NS214   W106 N2   N7   N11  N14  W392 (not routinely scheduled)
 122C   W98  W100 W102 W104 W106 W392 (not routinely scheduled)

Obsolete configurations and old names

The following four arrays have been made obsolete by other configurations. They are unlikely to be scheduled again.
 Config          Stations
  375   W2   W10  W14  W16  W32  W392
  210   W98  W100 W102 W109 W112 W392
 122B   W8   W10  W12  W14  W16  W392
 122A   W0   W2   W4   W6   W8   W392
Note that some older literature may mention array configurations 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D. These are identical to 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D.

Also note that prior to July, 1996, the 122B configuration was refered to as 120 and the 122A configuration was known as 122. These configurations have been renamed to avoid confusion.

Original: Derek McKay (18-Jan-1996)
Modified: Bob Sault (08-Sep-2005), Phil Edwards (10-jul-2009)