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Data disks (Unix)

There are two main data area for visitors, /DATA/KAPUTAR_3 and /DATA/KAPUTAR_4, providing around 20TB on the fastest linux server on site. We recommend you use Kaputar for all serious processing. In addition all local Debian workstations have at least one data disk partition for observers to use as a scratch area.

Note that /DATA/KAPUTAR_3 and /DATA/KAPUTAR_4 will be cleaned up automatically old files will be deleted after 1 month.

These data disks are available via the automount facility. The following command is required to automatically mount the target data filesystem.

    cd /DATA/{hostname}


  • Only use the lower case data (instead of DATA) when logged onto the host itself, e.g. /data/ROWENA is only valid when logged onto Rowena. In this case, one is accessing the filesystem directly.
  • Public workstations are marked in blue in the table below
  • DATA partitions are not backed up. System backups are performed on a select number of filesystems.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to back up their own data on these disks.
  • Data on the public workstations (see table below) is volatile and may be removed after a reasonable time, once the user has left the site.
  • The command df -k (or df -h) is a useful unix command to determine how much disk space is free.

Hostname # of DATA partitions Description Operating Sys. Backed up
Kaputar 2 for visitors use - /DATA/KAPUTAR_3 and /DATA/KAPUTAR_4 Main Data reduction Machine Debian Squeeze AMD64 -
Burren 1 Observers' workstation Debian Wheezy -
Cuttabri 1 Observers' workstation Debian Wheezy -
Drildool 1 Observers' workstation Debian Wheezy -
Rowena 1 Observers' workstation Debian Wheezy -

Original: John Giovannis (2nd Feb 2004), modified: Brett Lennon ()